4 reasons why an Anti-Climb Fence is a top security choice

When it comes to security fence or anti-climb fence, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is barbed wire only. However, there are many types of high security fences, and among the most efficient is the anti-climb mesh.

Anti-Climb Fence
Hebei Jinbiao Anti-Climb Fence

When it comes to security fences, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is barbed wire only. However, there are many types of high security fences, and among the most efficient is the anti-climb mesh.

Because of its curved design and welded structure, anti-climb mesh proves to address and keep up with the security needs of any property owner. Intruders easily lose their footing when trying to climb up this type of fence, allowing your area to stay safe and protected against trespassers.

There are many advantages of using an anti-climb mesh as security fencing. These include:

1. Versatility.

Anti-climb mesh is used to protect various types of property. It is considered military grade, since it is installed in military bases, as well as industrial complexes, commercial establishments, and even public areas that have to be kept away from threats of damage and vandalism.

It is versatile not only in the sense that it can be used anywhere, including residential properties; it also offers different levels of protection. Not only does it guard the property from trespassers, but it likewise serves a deterrent against other forms of intrusion, like that of wildlife.

2. Durability.

Anti-climb fences are known to last for a long time. They are not prone to rust or wear and tear due to changing climate conditions. By being visually appealing all the time, intruders often think that these are new barriers that they cannot easily get through.

Anti-climb mesh likewise performs well in poor weather conditions. Some fences of this make it even more effective during inclement weather, especially when they are constructed with additional security measures.

It is also easy to repair anti-climb mesh. If you happen to find areas that seem to have been damaged, then these can be fixed by means of simple welding without having to replace the entire panel.

3. Protect children and pets.

Children and pets tend to roam around wide properties. At the same time, they learn through exposure and experience. By learning that they can get hurt if they try to climb these fences, they won’t even go near it anymore. Hence, the height of the fences also creates an obstacle for children and pets to overcome, which can protect them from getting to restricted areas.

By having a fence that protects children and pets, you are assured of their safety within your property.

Aside from protecting children and pets, anti-climb mesh is also a good barrier against wild animals that may enter your property. They won’t be able to climb up the fence due to the mesh structure, nor they can get past the fence because of the risk of getting hurt especially when there’s barbed wire added.

4. Customisable.

As a security fence, anti-climb mesh is also customisable. You can add other forms of security measures on the fence itself, such as barbed wire, electrical grounding (to deter those who touch the fence), and security cameras on top.

If you are managing a high-risk property such as a warehouse or an industrial complex, then this type of fence is the best choice. You can integrate your preferred add-ons to enhance the security levels within your premises.

The customisable properties of anti-climb mesh are also ideal in enhancing security levels in areas where crowds gather for events. These include party and event venues, athletic stadiums, and open ground areas for concerts and drive-in movies.

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