5 Tips to Make Your Wire Mesh Fence Last Longer

Replacing your wire mesh fence can be a costly project. Hence, the longer your fence lasts, the more you make the most out of its features and at the same time, delay replacement. A well-maintained fence can last over a couple of decades, while those that are poorly-built and neglected may find themselves collapsing in a matter of months.

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There are many ways, though, to make your wire mesh fence last longer. Contractors of wire mesh in Singapore also remind their clients to keep certain maintenance tips in mind to make sure that their fences will last for a long time. However, not all the contractors are willing to share these tips with the clients, since they need their clients to come to them to repurchase new products after the old ones are spoilt after using for a long time.

According to contractors of wire mesh in Singapore, there are 5 ways to make your fencing last longer. These are:

1. Have a regular inspection schedule.

Wire mesh fences need to be maintained every now and then. While they can withstand changing weather and environmental conditions, they too are subject to eventual wear and tear.

You may not notice it right away but your fence may have already incurred tears and holes made by intruders, or incessant rusting has already damaged some of its parts. By opting for routine check-ups, the costs of repair for these issues can be kept to a minimum, and the integrity of the fence is likewise maintained.

2. Coordinate with your neighbour.

Coordinating with your neighbour also plays a crucial role in maintaining the longevity of your fence. Discussing your fencing plans with your neighbours allows them to make adjustments in terms of right of way, use of construction space and time, and other concerns that may involve them.

When your neighbours are properly informed (and in some ways, engaged) of your fencing construction, they can be more supportive of this endeavour and even help maintain the structure. They become more supportive especially when the fence also benefits them.

3. Avoid a DIY fence construction.

Since wire mesh fencing seems easy to install, some property owners choose to do the construction themselves. Indeed, they can save in overhead expenses by not using professional services, but these may pose problems in the long run.

A DIY fence can be less stable in terms of built and foundation. Professional fencing installation services follow procedure and protocols, not to mention comply with building standards to ensure that the fence they put up can serve its purpose.

4. Prevent damage from moisture.

Wire mesh fencing is most prone to damage caused by moisture. Moisture causes mould, mildew, and rust. These risks can be easily prevented, though, by applying protective coating on the fence, such as paint.

Fencing contractors usually apply a protective coating on the wire mesh prior and after fence installation to ensure that the structure can withstand environmental changes for the long-term.

5. Repair identified issues ASAP.

Lastly, it is a must that you repair the issues you find in your fence. These include tears, holes, or broken parts, and even rusting poles and missing screws. These small concerns result in bigger- problems within a matter of time, as they make the fence weaker and more prone to other forms of damage.

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