Noise Insulator Net

What is a Noise Insulator Net? How does it work?

Noise Control Barriers are panels, acoustic walls or even nets which have the capability to block and absorb noise. 

Being made of specialised absorptive materials, together with solid mediums, a noise barrier is able to attain both absorptive and reflective characteristics. 

When installed near noise sources, Sound Control Barrier absorbs and reflects noise, helping to prevent significant amounts of noise from escaping to unwanted areas. 

Sound Barriers in Singapore have become commonly used in different sectors such as Construction and Highways. They are also installed in Industrial facilities, such as Factories or Manufacturing plants.

Hebei Jinbiao Noise Barrier

Why are Noise / Sound Control Barriers needed?

They are installed to help the contractors comply with NEA’s Boundary Noise Limits by reducing noise to an acceptable level, avoiding disputes with nearby residents and lawsuit or heavy fine (up to S$40 000) for contractors who fail to comply with NEA’s noise requirements.

More importantly, the Sound Barriers are installed to protect public health, reduce noise pollution and help companies to contribute to Sustainability.

Common uses of Noise / Sound Barriers

Sound barriers in Singapore are often used to prevent the spread of unwanted sounds around a given area. For instance, a production plant is situated at close range to an educational facility. The sounds its generators make can distract the classes being held in the school, so barriers are put up to prevent the noise from being heard in the school premises.

Noise barriers in Singapore are also used to enclose the distracting and non-harmonious sounds that may affect neighboring facilities.

Trapping the noise not only reduces its adverse effects on those exposed to it. It also ensures respect and privacy, for the noise generated by the source is not intrusive to other environments.

In mixed-use spaces, such as building lobbies and conference halls, it is common for different events to be held at the same date and time -in the same venue. While space cannot always be permanently partitioned, noise barriers can help do the job even for just a number of hours.

Noise barriers can separate stores and commercial establishments from each other. They not only act as fences; they ensure the communications security of these establishments as well.

Noise barriers can significantly improve the quality of the sounds we hear on a daily basis. People become more productive when they are free from the unnecessary and unwanted noise that they hear in their surroundings.

Since it is becoming a staple in commercial and industrial businesses, people are starting to look into having noise barriers in their properties. Some homeowners likewise look into having noise barriers installed to accommodate the needs of their aging family or relatives in terms of keeping their hearing abilities intact.

What is a Noise Insulator Net?

Noise Insulator Net (NIN) is a noise control product, which has high versatility to be adapted in mitigating noise of heavy machinery and equipment, not only at construction sites but also various locations such as factory plant, indoor usage and etc.

It is usually mounted around the fence, external scaffolding, or wrapped around the sources of noise to prevent noise from escaping to nearby areas.

This product is commonly used based on its high performance and extra properties such as fire retardant and durability.

sound barrier sheet

Components/Structure of a Noise Insulator Net

Noise Insulator Net’s infill is Polyester Fiber Cotton while the material for the green canvas is PVC Tarpaulin and for the white canvas is Fiberglass Cloth.

Net Dimension: 2000mm x 1000mm

Thickness: 18mm

Approx. Total Weight: 7kg/Sqm

How effective the Noise Insulator Nets are when dealing with noise issues?

STC = 27dBA  

Sound Transmission Class (STC) refers to the amount of airborne ‘sound’ being blocked.

STC 27 would reflect the approximate decibel reduction in noise/sound that our Noise Insulator Net can provide. – i.e 27dBA reduction potential.

NRC = 0.75 

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) refers to the amount of sound energy absorbed upon ‘contacting’ a surface.

NRC 0.75 would reflect the approximate decibel absorption of noise/sound that our Noise Insulator Net is able to perform. – i.e 75% of noise absorbed.

% Success Rate
% Customer Satisfaction

The Noise Insulator Net not only produces exceptional acoustic performance, it also prevents dust and fire due to its non-porous and fire retardant properties.

This Noise Insulator Net is also known as a Noise Reduction Blanket or Noise Absorbing Blanket.

Its effectiveness has been proven by the 100% success rate in our previous projects using NIN.

Our clients’ satisfaction for this product is 100%

Where should the Noise Insulator Net be installed?

It is mostly used in Demolition and Construction sectors. It is also highly applicable for indoor usage.

Can Hebei Jinbiao Noise Insulator Net be customised?

Yes, Hebei Jinbiao offers Customisation for most of our products. Our Customisation progress will follow the procedure below:

  1. Our Noise Control specialists will visit the project sites and take note of site restrictions and customer specific requirements
  2. The NINs will be designed based on the information gathered
  3. During installation, our Noise Control specialists will continue to modify the NINs until they are able to meet all requirements

Why Hebei Jinbiao is your ideal Noise Nets supplier and installer in Singapore and South East Asia?

Noise Control Barrier
  1. Our products are tested rigorously at the PSB TUV SUD labs in Singapore
  2. We have experience working with clients in a variety of industries in both private and public sectors
  3. We use the most qualified materials and emphasize Sustainability in every product
  4. Our team consists of Noise Control experts who are always willing to assist our clients from consultation to after-purchase 
  5. With our parent company and factory located in China, we guarantee to offer our clients a Factory Direct Price
  6. We offer Customisation, which is not commonly available in the market

Product Images

Let’s take a look some photos of our Noise Insulator Net here: 


The cost will be different for each project, as every project has different site requirements and specifications. It will also be based on the materials’ costs at the time of quotation.

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