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Oil and Gas sector in Singapore

Singapore accounts for 70% of the world oil rigs, and is the fifth largest source of refined oil. Oil and Gas industry has become one of the most important sectors in Singapore.

Along with economic opportunities is a challenge for Oil and Gas companies. Adverse effects on ecosystems and public health caused by Oil and Gas companies will be more difficult to tolerate, as they produce clean energy and are the first ones to approach green transition.

What are the challenges in the sector that every Oil and Gas Contractor has to deal with?

Along with the development of the industry is the increase of equipment such as well pumps, drilling and fracturing. This expansion of Oil and Gas infrastructure has significantly contributed to noise issues, as most equipment has to operate day and night, which disturb nearby residents’ health and life quality.

To comply with the government’s regulations on Boundary Noise Limits and protect employee health as well as public health, companies in Oil and Gas industry need to take action as soon as possible to reduce the adverse impact of noise pollution.

Hebei Jinbiao and our mission in solving Oil and Gas noise issues

Noise Control Barrier

As one of the leading Noise Control companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia, Hebei Jinbiao is proud to successfully assist many customers in the Oil and Gas industry in solving noise issues.

With our experience, we guarantee to provide the companies in this industry with high quality, durable and efficient Noise Control products to solve all the noise issues and help the operating activities run smoothly.

Our products are developed and diversified based on the clients’ needs, tested rigorously by professionals to ensure their efficiency.

Permanent Noise Control Barrier - Hebei Jinbiao's specialised Noise Control product for the Oil and Gas sector

Hebei Jinbiao’s Permanent Noise Control Barrier (PNCB) is the most optimal choice in dealing with Oil and Gas noise issues.

We have developed the product based on the partners’ demands:

  1. Efficiency: Hebei Jinbiao’s PNCBs are manufactured in our factory in China. The products have been installed in many projects to reduce traffic noise and we are proud that the clients’ satisfaction rate is 100% as the results have successfully met their expectations.

  2. Cost-effective: Hebei Jinbiao’s PNCB is very cost-effective as it only needs a single investment to last up to 20 years, which makes it the best option in resolving noise issues. With high durability, our PNCBs can withstand various weather conditions including sunlight and rain.

  3. Extra benefits: 

  • Our team of specialists will design the PNCBs based on your needs to ensure that every product installed is suitable for a long service life with high efficiency and durability.

  • Besides the benefits including protecting nearby residents from noise pollution, ensuring the productivity, the PNCBs also reduce traffic dust emissions, which can benefit the employees in the company.

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