Construction sector in Singapore

As Singapore is focusing on meeting the needs of residential and commercial markets, the Construction industry in the country has become one of the most crucial sectors.

Despite attracting a lot of investors and gathering many resources as well as receiving the government’s support, due to Singapore’s shortage of land, the construction sites are often close to residential areas

What are the challenges in the sector that every Contractor has to deal with?

To protect the residents from noise pollution, the Singaporean government has implemented strict regulations about noise limits that every Contractor has to comply with. This has brought out many obstacles for the Construction companies.

Instead of just focusing on the project quality, now the Contractors need to deal with operating hours restriction, complaints and the threat from lawsuit for violating noise boundaries.

Hebei Jinbiao and our mission in solving Construction noise issues

Noise Control Barrier

Started as a business specialised in Noise Control, Hebei Jinbiao’s mission is to providing the Construction companies with cost-effective, durable and high-quality Noise Control products to solve all the noise issues and help the projects run smoothly.

Our products are developed and diversified based on the clients’ needs, tested rigorously by professionals to ensure their efficiency.

Temporary Noise Control Barrier - Hebei Jinbiao's specialised Noise Control product for the Construction sector

Hebei Jinbiao’s Temporary Noise Control Barrier is the most optimal choice in dealing with Construction noise issues.

We have developed the product based on the Construction partners’ demands:

  1. Efficiency: Hebei Jinbiao’s Temporary Noise Control Barriers are manufactured in our factory in China and tested rigorously in Singapore labs. Hebei Jinbiao is proud to have a pass rate of 100% in NEA noise test for all the projects using our Temporary Noise Control Barrier products.

  2. Affordability: Since the products are to serve short-term use, for the Construction sector is to cover the project until completion, the pricing is more reasonable compared to Noise Control products with longer lifespan.

  3. Recycling Policy: We support the clients by recycling/buying back the Temporary Noise Control Barriers after the project completion. This does not only help the contractors to save money and efforts on dismantling the products, but also contributes to sustainability and protect the environment.

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