Airport Fence

What is Airport Fence and its benefits?

Airport Fence is a combination of different Fencing products to provide multiple layers of protection to the properties/areas.

Where should Airport Fence be installed?

Just like how it is called, the Airport Fence can be installed in Airports, which are considered high-risk areas because of their role as international transport hubs.

Unlike in the past, now with the increase in the level of recklessness and the level of crime, the Airports require more than just a simple Chain Link Fence to prevent different kinds of crimes like terrorism and vandalism.

That’s why our experts have come up with various combinations of Fencing to satisfy the highest requirement of safety for high-risk areas.

This type of Fencing can also be installed in important areas like Industrial buildings, Warehouses or Police stations.

Special Features

  1. Provides comprehensive and maximum protection
  2. Low-maintenance
  3. Provides clear visibility
  4. Anti-climb
  5. Anti-cut

Different styles of Airport Fence

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Style 2 : Peach Post Airport Fence
Peach Post + Post Support + Mesh Panel + Barbed Wire + Razor Barbed Wire
Airport Fence
Style 1 : Y-Post Airport Fence
Y- Post + Mesh Panel + V-Shape + Razor Barbed Wire
Y-Post + Mesh Panel + Barbed Wire or Galvanized Wire + Razor Barbed Wire
airport welded fence
Style 3 : Chain Link Airport Fence
Post + Post Support + Chain Link + Barbed Wire + Razor Barbed Wire

Can Hebei Jinbiao Airport Fence be customised?

Yes, Hebei Jinbiao offers Customisation for most of our products. Our Customisation progress will follow the procedure below:

  1. Our Specialists will visit the project sites and take note of site restrictions and customer specific requirements
  2. The Fencing will be designed based on the information gathered
  3. During installation, our Specialists will continue to modify the Fencing until it is able to meet all requirements

How long can the Fence last?

It is engineered for a permanent use. Therefore, with just one investment, the product can last permanently without requiring any maintenance work.

Why Hebei Jinbiao is your ideal Fencing supplier and installer in Singapore and South East Asia?

Noise Control Barrier
  1. Our products are tested rigorously
  2. We have experience working with clients in a variety of industries in both private and public sectors
  3. We use the most qualified materials and emphasize Sustainability in every product
  4. Our team consists of experts who are always willing to assist our clients from consultation to after-purchase 
  5. With our parent company and factory located in China, we guarantee to offer our clients a Factory Direct Price
  6. We offer Customisation, which is not commonly available in the market

You can take a look at our other Fencing products here and our Noise Barriers here


The cost will be different for each project, as every project has different site requirements and specifications. It will also be based on the materials’ costs at the time of quotation.

Please leave your information to us by filling in the box below, our Specialists will get in touch with you immediately.

Yes, we are not only the supplier but also the installer. With our experience in Wire Mesh Fence installation, we guarantee to help you install the Mesh in the shortest time.

Yes, we are not only the supplier but also the installer. With our experience in Wire Mesh Fence installation, we guarantee to help you install the Mesh in the shortest time.

We offer FREE consultation service. No matter if you decide to proceed with us or not, we are very happy to offer you advice on how to solve your issues.

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