Using Sound Barrier Sheets in Public Spaces

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When most people think about soundproofing, they think of using it in a private setting like in a home or office. However, using sound barrier sheets in public spaces is becoming more and more popular.

There are a few reasons for this.

One is that with the increase in urban noise levels, it’s becoming harder to find an environment that’s truly quiet. Sound barrier sheets can help to create an acoustic sanctuary in busy areas.

Another reason is that these sheets can help to improve speech clarity for those who are hard of hearing.

Using sound barrier sheets can also improve the overall comfort level of a space by reducing echoes and reverberations.

Industries that use sound barrier sheets

1. Construction sites.

Many people living near a construction site will often request that acoustic blankets and panels be installed on top of existing fencing for safety. The sound barrier sheet also helps to reduce noise pollution, which can cause problems with sleep patterns in nearby homes or businesses if not addressed quickly enough during an excavation process.

This approach to outdoor noise control is deemed effective and at the same time convenient both for those managing the construction activity and the people and businesses nearby. Aside from reducing noise, the sheets are also used to cover construction areas that can be an eyesore for motorists and pedestrians. They also help in blocking areas where debris may possibly fall and cause accidents or damage to property.

2. Demolition activities.

Demolition activities are common in highly urbanised landscapes. It is usual for old buildings to be torn down to make way for new structures and real estate development, or for abandoned areas to be demolished to create roads and highways for public use.

Regardless of the type of structure being torn down, demolition activities are not just noisy; they have an impact on one’s senses. The echo and reverberation they generate can cause issues such as tinnitus, migraines, palpitations, or discomfort that may last for hours. This impact not only affects humans, but wildlife too.

Sound barrier sheets can then be used to help control the noise generated during demolition activities. These are installed within the perimeter of the demolition site to contain the noise created by heavy equipment and other machinery.

Since demolition areas can be very unsightly, sound blankets are used also to cover the premises so as not to attract unwanted attention. They help not only control the flow of sound waves, but also in creating a visually peaceful environment outside the demolition site.

3. Public utility repairs.

In countries such as Singapore, utility cables and pipes are situated underground. Hence, instead of climbing electric poles to fix wires during a power outage, the necessary repairs are conducted underground via excavation. The same likewise applies to water pipes and other types of public utility repair.

Since these repairs are held in public spaces (such as roads or pedestrian sidewalks), they can cause unwanted sounds that easily irritate the people nearby. Sound barrier sheets are ideal for these situations, since they cover the area where public utility repairs take place while at the same time reduce the impact of noise created during these activities.

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