Ways to Reduce the Effects of Noise Pollution

Do you ever find yourself struggling to focus because of the noise pollution outside? Whether it’s a construction site down the street or police sirens in the distance, incessant noise can be really distracting and even harmful to your health.

Noise barrier for noise pollution

If you are living in the city, you know how loud it can be. Between the cars, buses, and people chatting on the street, it seems like there’s never a quiet moment. While noise pollution may seem like an unavoidable part of city life, there are ways to reduce its effects.

What is noise, anyway?

The constant drone of traffic and other sounds can be unbearable to listen to. Noise pollution is often overlooked as an environmental issue because it doesn’t have quite the same level of destruction-but its effects can have a long-term impact on our quality of life.

Noise happens when there’s too much sound in our environment. Whether it is from cars driving by or streets booming with music speakers hanging overhead; these noises cause irritability rather than relaxation which makes life difficult to manage later on.

Noise pollution emerges when unwanted sounds begin to affect not just one person, but a wider surrounding environment. It immediately pollutes space, and can be difficult to manage especially when it comes from a source that is not within your reach or control.

There are many ways to reduce the effects of noise pollution, such as:

1. Wearing earplugs.

The use of earplugs or muffs can help you maintain a manageable level for loud noises. Ear plugs are small inserts that fit into our ears, while hearing protectors come in several different styles including ones designed to be worn on top-quality headphones so they form an airtight seal around each side which will keep your whole head safe from excessive sounds like those coming out car engines when driving by them at high speeds.

2. Choose a residence that is far from perpetually noisy environments.

In the recent years, public and private structures are now investing in noise barriers in Singapore. This is to address the noise pollution issues especially those that affect locals living close to airports, vehicles and industries.

In addition, seniors also have an increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease if they live in the same house as these loud noises which can cause them to get easily confused or disoriented.

Hence, when choosing a place to live in, it is ideal to go for an apartment or unit that is at least a kilometre away from noisy areas such as airports or commercial districts. This provides you an environment that is much amenable to your senses, especially your ears.

3. Install noise barriers.

As mentioned above, noise barriers in Singapore are becoming more common in both public and private structures during the recent years. They are noise control products that are effective in blocking sound waves coming from outdoor environments, and absorbing echo and reverb that can cause the same level of discomfort as loudness.

Installing noise barriers can also be done in homes, given the variety of soundproofing solutions in the market today. Sound blankets can be placed in specific areas of a home or building to contain sound generated by a source within their premises, while acoustic panels can be placed in strategic areas to prevent noise from directly affecting a property.

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