How to Reduce the Noise Coming from Highways

Is there anything more annoying than the sound of traffic and highways? It seems like wherever you go, no matter how suburban the area is, you can always hear the noise from cars and trucks bustling by. While there’s not much that can be done about the fact that highways are necessary, there are ways to reduce the amount of noise that comes from them.


Why highways are so loud

Living or working near a highway can be an absolute nightmare. The constant noise from cars and high speeds makes life unbearable for those that live in close proximity, not to mention the air pollution caused by all these vehicles speeding down busy roads as they commute back home after work or school.

A car’s engine and horns are just a few sounds that make up the noise on roads. However, it is not these particular sources which create driving discomfort for most drivers; rather it’s tires themselves with their tread design causing them to generate excessive amounts of sound when traveling at high speeds or over different surfaces such as concrete versus grass.

Reducing highway noise

The first thing you need to think about is whether or not you want the sound of traffic outside and if so, how loud. It will be much quieter indoors anyway because building structures absorb most sounds that come through air conditioning systems; however, blocking highway noise can benefit more people and communities as well.

Some of the ways to reduce highway noise are:

1. Seal sound cracks.

One of the first steps to making your property soundproof is by finding and repairing any cracks or gaps in walls near windows. These tiny flaws can allow external noise such as traffic outside, air conditioner units running inside a dwelling, etc., into the room causing muffled sounds that will eventually wear on you over time.

Get an expert’s opinion before proceeding so they know what kind of sealants/caulks would best suit this need-depending if it’s just for sealing up one small area between two different rooms (for instance), wider coverage across multiple surfaces like floor boards.

2. Add a water feature.

Do you know why some commercial and industrial buildings located near the road invest in fountains? It’s because the sound of running water helps mask the noise present in its surroundings -including highway noise.

Building a fountain or waterfall and filling it with water is one of the most aesthetic ways to mask noise from traffic. Creating white-noise will allow your brain to focus on something else instead of being distracted by loud sounds in its environment.

3. Install sound barriers.

Sound barriers are a preferred solution by both industrial and commercial property owners as a means to mitigate highway noise. These barriers block environmental noise by both reflecting soundwaves back to their source, and at the same time absorbing their intrinsic properties that are usually heard or felt from a distance.

Public utility agencies have been seen to invest in sound barriers over the recent years. In Singapore for instance, the government has installed acoustic walls in perimeter fences near suburban neighbourhoods and HDB communities, to prevent them from feeling the discomfort brought by the noise of trains and vehicles passing by.

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