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The Barrier That is Saving Humanity

What are these barriers?

Noise barriers are devices that are being used especially in high density population areas such as Singapore. Due to space constraint, constructions have to be done near an already erected building usually occupied. Noise barriers are used to regulate noise generated by the source by absorbing it.


How are they used?

Noise barriers are usually used in construction sites near noise sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and also residential areas within 150 meter of the project site, required by the National Environment Agency (N.E.A) of Singapore. The barriers would be erected between the source and the noise-sensitive area to minimize the decibel affecting such areas. Not that it has to be erected 45metre off the ground to ‘cover’ a 14 storey building next to it, calculations have to be made to see what is best solution to the current ‘problem’ faced. This devices part of the environmental movement that companies are participating these days. As a responsible construction company, one would always think about the  cause of the project and countering any negative effect.


The types and performance.

There are mainly 3 types of sound barriers that are used accordingly. Depending on projects and its duration, also the decibel (dBA)  construction company wish to cut off from its source, the best solution would then be used:-

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Noise Reduction Net (N.R.N)

Usage: These high tech acoustic screen is designed for portability but can only be used to infrastructure that is very much needed on-site. Typically, the net is fixed on fencing or scaffolding units. Its convenience during fitting and and removal is always a value added feature along side its acoustical performance.
Performance: Sound Transmission Class(S.T.C) is at 15dBA
Durability: Take care of it nicely and it can go a long way, by the way, its Fire Retardant too.

Temporary Noise Control Barrier (T.N.C.B)

These barriers as stated in its name are used as a temporary noise barrier. Its function not only isolate out unwanted noise, its mobility and trans-portability are an added feature for its usage.  Upon completion of the project, the Temporary Noise Control Barrier is able to be relocated to another site for usage however only if the noise barriers are still in good shape.
Performance: A staggering 27dBA on its Sound Transmission Class (S.T.C)
Durability: At least 5 years & above.

Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B)

Usage: These noise barrier like the one discussed above, serves as the same function however is of a much better performance compared to the latter. Enclosed with a high density acoustical mineral wool, its function is to increase the refraction of sound traveling within it further. The components inside of the high density acoustical mineral wool ensures irregularity that allows the vibration of particles of sound to either be inconsistently traveled through or be lost i the process of traveling hence the absorption of the ‘noise’.
Performance: 1.0 being a complete absorption, this device has a 0.95 Noise Reduction Coefficient (N.R.C)  rating; approved by Land Transport Authority (L.T.A) of Singapore.
Durability: This noise barrier can last for 20 years and above.

How does this all stack up?

The ratings and measurement you see here are all important factors to consider when getting the right supplier for your needs. Material and the structure of the noise barrier (single coat/double coat) also plays a great deciding factor.

There are probably a few other noise barriers found in the market such as the PORTABLE NOISE BARRIER innovated by your very own, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials (SINGAPORE). We being a manufacturing company, are always moving with the needs of clients. Due to changing demands and requirements, innovation will bound to happen and it all will change how we be a better and more responsible company. If what you surveyed is not as great as the ones we have here, this would only mean the products we carry are the best and also if you are interested to know more about the portable noise barrier and others, do call in or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.

Till then. God Speed.

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