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Considering Noise Barrier?

Noise barrier as a whole helps to minimize noise source and it is now a required equipment in construction site within 150metre of noise-sensitive areas. What are this areas? Read up on the post The barrier that is saving humanity to understand better where is those areas.

Not only that different noise barriers serves different purposes, it also helps if you plan out for how long you need the noise barrier to be planted there. There are mainly 3 types of sound barriers and companies like Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials (SINGAPORE) innovated another ‘type’ that will assist in your problems when mobility is a factor to consider.

  1. Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B)

  2. Temporary Noise Control Barrier (T.N.C.B)

  3. Noise Reduction Net (N.R.N)

  4. Portable Noise Barrier (P.N.B)


Components in a barrier


The Wool

Having wool as the material inside the Permanent Noise Barrier, one might think that that is all to it however, wool fitted into barrier contains variety of it. One of the best if not the best wool would be the High Density Acoustical Mineral Wool. Its high density of minerals found in the wool would allow sound particle vibrating and traveling in it to be refracted and hence ‘losing’ its momentum. This in turn creates that absorption effect. However for the T.N.C.B, acoustical fiber of a matching performance would be fitted to have the same effect to the traveling particles in the barrier.

The Metal skin

Equipped with either a 1.0mm for the P.N.C.B of PVC, Galvanized Steel or Aluminum Alloy, these attributes do play a part in how absorptive it is and how light it is. That aside, the durability also does factor in as it should be a major factor as construction sites are rarely forgiving on its condition.

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This barriers will then be finished off with powder-coating and some companies do offer different colors to come with it. Do check with your local suppliers or come straight to us for inquiry. The T.N.C.B however are equipped with a 0.5mm metal skin of double-sided powder coating to improve its durability and performance.

Why isn’t hoarding barrier sufficient?

As we all know, sound travels outwards. This vibrating particles that hits the thin metallic barrier will eventually either bounced backed or amplified slightly as the component structure in the metallic barrier is compact. There is little to none absorption of sound and this does not really solve your problem.

All in all, we now understand the different things to take note of when making a decision for the upcoming project of yours. Naturally one would always go for cost-saving but to be a valuable member of the project, we must also have value in mind. For the money you have aside for the noise barriers, you would be solving problems from complains or even avoid being eyed on by authorities for not complying with the environmental noise law especially in a country like Singapore.

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