Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials (SINGAPORE)

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  • Singapore 500 SME Company for the year 2022
  • Singapore 500 SME Company for the year 2023
  • SME 100 Awards 2023

Hebei Jinbiao Singapore: Quality Materials For Your Construction Needs

Hebei Jinbiao Singapore is the leading supplier and installer for Noise Control Barriers and Wire Mesh Fence materials in South East Asia, where we serve a wide network of clients in both private and public sectors.


Our Products

noise barrier sheet
Permanent Noise Control Barrier
portable noise barrier
Inflatable Noise Barrier
sound barrier
Temporary Noise Control Barrier
noise barrier sheet
Noise Reduction Net
sound barrier
Portable Noise Control Barriers
sound barrier sheet
Noise Insulator Net
Wire Mesh Fence
Wire Mesh Fence


Situated in Anping, Hebei. We fabricate and customise our own products based on the clients’ requirements and test them in Singapore to meet the highest material requirements.

Take a look at our 100% NEA Noise Test pass rate.

Our track record with our clients have been proven time and time again.

All our clients & partners have passed the NEA noise test with ease using our products.