7 Different Types of Noise Barriers: Which One Do You Need?

A noise barrier is an exterior structure that is made to protect a sensitive land use area from noise pollution. It is also referred to as a sound wall, noise wall, sound barrier, sound berm, or acoustic barrier.

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Noise barriers are becoming a vital element in building construction these days, since they are the most effective method of mitigating unwanted sound and reverberation from different noise sources, such as that from roads, railways, and machines without the need of controlling the source itself.

There are many types of noise barriers, and choosing the right type can be tricky especially to those who are not well-versed with a structure’s acoustic needs and issues.

Below are some of the most common types of noise barriers you can find in the market:

Wood barriers

Wood barriers are usually found in homes and some small public spaces such as parks and playgrounds. They are affordable and easy to set up, but they do little in terms of mitigating noise because of their lack of mass, presence of air gaps, prone to damage, and low height.

However, close-boarded acoustic timber fences are designed with no air gaps or damage work well as noise barriers in small spaces. These wood fences are ideal for houses situated near streets due to their absorptive and reflective properties.

Metal barriers

Metal sound barriers are often used in business and industrial structures because of their modular design. They are not only cost-effective; they are also easy to install. Depending on the build and design, these barriers have different absorptive options to prevent sound from bouncing around the space.

Perhaps the only downside of metal barriers is that they are prone to damage caused by changing environmental conditions. While they are indeed malleable, they can also rust and deteriorate after quite some time.

Brick barriers

Brick barriers are extremely durable, but they are seen as a long-term investment since once installed, they cannot be easily removed from the area.

Brick barriers are usually constructed along major roads and highways, not only as a means to set boundaries to an enclosed property, but also to prevent the sound from outside from totally invading the premises they protect.

Brick barriers can be very expensive, but it is a top choice among industrial structures such as factories and production plants whose premises need to be heavily guarded as well.

The thing about brick barriers is that they do not have adequate noise absorption properties. They only have the noise rebound into the source. If the sound energy is constant, it will only amplify the noise in the area.

Acrylic and toughened glass barriers

Acrylic and toughened glass fences are used to reflect the sound coming from noise. They have the ability to obstruct the line of sight to road traffic, which lessens the acoustic impact of sound travelling towards the area they are protecting. These fences are supplied in modular sections by combining absorptive sections and reflective sections.


Berms are a great option to reduce the amount of noise from entering a property. They are also called earth walls because they are made of earth that has been pressed together using high pressure.

Well-built berms are not only effective in reducing noise, but are also pleasing to the eyes. They are likewise an eco-friendly alternative wall barrier, although they need considerable effort to construct.

Temporary noise barriers

Temporary noise barriers are usually made of metal and mesh, and are used to reduce noise from construction sites. They are quick to set up and are attached to metal fences that improve sound reduction.

These barriers can also be found in open area venues where events are held, such as in concerts and ground demonstrations. They usually enclose running machines that make unwanted noise such as generators, as these may ruin the vibe of the event being held.

Jinbiao Noise Control Barrier

There are brands that provide high-quality noise control barriers, such as Jinbiao. Rather than allowing sound to bounce around the premises like other barrier types, the brand’s noise control barrier also comes with layers of blankets that allow the sound to be transferred into the barrier while its noise energy is absorbed at the same time until it fully dissipates, ultimately mitigating the unwanted acoustics in the area.

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