6 Unexpected Uses of Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is used for a variety of purposes. Unlike permanent fencing, temporary fencing structures are made of panels that are easy to set up and install. These panels are interlocked by couplers, so they can be cut in between to cover a specific distance, or reconnected if the area in which they will be used is bigger and wider.

Temporary Fencing
Hebei Jinbiao Temporary Fencing

This type of fencing is not secured to the ground, but it is held secure by heavy braces that allow it to stand freely and maintain stability.

Temporary fencing is more advisable over permanent fencing during specific occasions, mainly because of their flexibility, portability, and short-term function. Some of these instances are:

  1. Construction hoarding

Temporary fencing is used mostly in construction sites for various reasons. First, they provide safety measures for the people passing by the site. The fence acts as a barrier that prevents debris from going outside the construction area, and as well as to ward off unauthorised persons from entering the premises.

This type of fencing likewise safeguards construction supplies and equipment from possible theft and damage.

  1. Crowd control

Another purpose of temporary fencing is crowd control. These are set up in areas during mass gatherings such as rallies and demonstrations, mainly to deter the crowd from penetrating crucial areas like government buildings and banks.

These fences are also installed during activities like distribution of relief goods, campaign sorties, fundraising events, and other government-sponsored occasions that require security protocols. During these events, each area is partitioned to ensure that the activity process is followed step by step, and that crowd confusion is prevented.

  1. VIP security

Temporary fences are also installed in areas such as concert venues, gatherings held in public spaces, and even in parties dedicated to big crowds. Since celebrities are usually mobbed by their followers, bouncers may not be enough to maintain crowd control. With fences put up, there are dedicated spaces for VIPs to pass through without being injured by the mob.

  1. Crime prevention

Theft and other crimes are common in public and unprotected spaces. They can also take place in private property. Temporary fences are then put up to protect these spaces against potential crimes.

Putting up temporary fences in storage facilities act as barriers from criminals and intruders from having easy access to these areas. These barriers also make them aware that the property owner knows about the possibility of a crime.

  1. Blank Wall

Temporary fences are also put up in public areas that are used for sporting events. These fences prevent balls from going out and beyond the dedicated sporting area and protect the audience from getting hit.

These fences are common in sporting games such as tennis, softball, and baseball.

  1. Other purposes

Temporary fencing panels are also installed in animal facilities, such as farms and sanctuaries. These fences house pets and safekeep animals within the premises and prevent them from going out of the facility.

Smaller fences are also assembled in indoor gatherings, mainly as partitions for kiosks in bazaars, pop-up restaurants, and other seasonal commercial establishments.

There are also smaller and more portable fences that are used to safeguard babies and toddlers. These fences are usually made of plastic or durable acrylic and are designed to withstand force or impact especially when children hit against them.

Temporary fencing can also be found around swimming pools in homes and sports facilities. Some governments require fencing to protect pool constructions. Above-ground swimming pools, like those in home backyards, are also required by some laws to be guarded by fences to prevent accidents from happening (especially when there are children in the premises).

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