Top 5 Reasons Anti-Climb Mesh is a Good Security Choice

Are you looking for ways to protect your property? Is your property prone to intruders, unauthorised entry, and vandalism? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you will definitely need to invest in an anti-climb mesh fence. Anti-climb mesh fencing is common in various types of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial lands. It serves not only as a mere security barrier and perimeter fence, but also acts as a deterrent against those who try to get into your property’s premises.

Anti-climb Mesh
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But why choose an anti-climb mesh when there are many other types of barrier fences available in the market? Here are the top reasons to keep in mind:

1. The close-weave mesh prevents trespassers from getting a grip needed to climb.

Anti-climb mesh fences are made of close-weave mesh. This type of mesh doesn’t have holes that are big enough for hand and foot grip, so trespassers would find it difficult to climb up and enter the property.

They might not be able to climb up the property at all, and even if they get to do so, they would need to use tools that may only expose their activity, which is the last thing they want to happen.

2. Additional strength through close mesh design.

Another feature of an anti-climb mesh is that it possesses additional strength due to its design. Most types of barrier fences may be sturdy, but can accommodate people to climb on them. Wire mesh on the other hand is made of chain-linked galvanised iron that increases the panel’s resistance towards blunt force trauma and other forms of tampering like those using cutters.

3. Resistant to wear and tear.

Anti-climb mesh fences are also resilient towards wear and tear. The galvanised steel helps reduce rusting and deterioration, thus keeping the panels a sturdy and strong deterrent for a longer period of time.

This type of fence also requires low maintenance. Since it can withstand different climate conditions, there is no need to clean and maintain it regularly. However, it is the best to check for possible cracks, as these can be fixed easily.

4. It can accommodate additional security measures.

What most property owners love about anti-climb mesh is that it can be assembled in such a way that it also accommodates additional security features. It may be lighter compared to other fences, but anti-climb mesh can be installed with a CCTV system to monitor those coming into the property’s surroundings, or barbed wire on top to ensure that nobody comes close to the area. You may want to ask your contractor on how to add these features, or if they can include these on your anti-climb fence.

5. It is cost-efficient.

Anti-climb mesh fences are cost-efficient because of a number of factors. First, they are cheaper compared to other more concrete barriers. They are also pre-fabricated, and they are not assembled in the property piece by piece. They come in sections, which also makes it easier for the fence to be maintained and repaired (when you spot broken sections, you only have to repair the section and not the entire fence).

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