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Communicating Her Way – Cindy Hu

“Understanding the needs and requirements of the customer’s product is how I include myself to the Jinbiao team”


  • ​Plan the fabrication requirements and dimensions according to the customer’s needs.

  • Supervise the process of fabrication and quality of product fabricated, ensuring product fabricated is up to quality with planned dimensions.

  • Plan and communicate with the factory in China for shipment, pricing and transportation to Singapore. Ensuring products arrive in Singapore on time.


I believe in putting my best effort for the company by researching other ways and ideas for the company, improving the way the company can run. As a product specialist, I continuously improve my knowledge on our products as well as how we can innovate ways away from traditional settings.

I do also ensure fabricated product is up to the quality and delivered to the customer as on required time. Hence ensuring the customer can receive their product on time and preventing any unnecessary delays to their construction work.

You see, the biggest challenge here in Singapore is relaying the message to the fabrication plant on the needs and wants of the South East Asia market. It is never an easy job, but a must do as it determines how we can compete with other players that has been here longer than us.



“I am aware of our competition and present ideas to improve our product to gain a competitive lead by giving a better quality product for our customers.”

I am a proactive and trustworthy individual. Being proactive, I always look forward and find new ways to improve and prepare for situations.

This helps me to look forward and improve myself. Having the integrity to me is a very important trait and I always live up to my promises; never breaking any promises I make.

With both traits, I am able to fulfill my promises and work pro-actively in achieving it.


  1. Shopping

  2. Playing Badminton

  3. Paying close attention to the economic market price fluctuation in Singapore as related to our company products.


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