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Tender LAUNCHED for Reserve List Site

The recent project of URA would get the public excited as the probability of residency/office in CBD would increase. Though it was termed ‘fringe’ (slightly outskirts of the Prime area), the excitement still lingers for something new in that area.

Valuing at a sum of not less than $1,138,000,000, this project promises to be a project big enough for a couple of construction companies to join forces. Who ever says construction in Singapore is dead was lying.

Situated near the junction of Beach Road and Rochor Road, this Beach Road project is now intended for a predominantly office development with complementary uses such as residential, hotel and/or serviced apartment. YES, another multi-purpose building project.

However, situated in the CBD area (fringe actually), would also posses the threat of noise pollution to its surrounding dwellers. Noise mitigation is not really rocket science but it is complex enough to know that various technique can be a solution to noise problems.

Another project by Singtel, the Hill Street site, under the URA was also recently given a ‘go-ahead’. However unlike the later, this project is situated between Stamford House and Masjid Burhani; in the CBD area itself.

The reason why Noise Mitigation is a norm these days is because the high density of dwellers per area is increasing and such sounds from construction site at any given area will definitely be an irritant should it prolong over a long period of hours.

Noise Control Barriers usage has been increasing in trend this past 1 to 2 years as it has been qualified as a ‘must-have’ equipment for government projects especially near dwelling areas. Noise Control Barriers be it permanent or temporary types have proved to be a good solution to this problem.

Same name, same panel?

However, we have to admit that not all barriers are the same. Noise Barriers are panels that are made up of noise insulation materials found within and that could jolly well be the factor to determine its effectiveness.

Here in Jinbiao, our Noise Control Barrier panels has been used by various projects from private to government. Currently, our track record to claim the NEA (National Environment Agency) Quieter Construction Fund stands at 100% success. Want to find out more? email us NOW at


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