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Managing His Way – Zack

“Presenting my ideas and constructive feedback during projects meetings is how I contribute to this wonderful team”

  • ​Carry out design and drafting support for the production floor.

  • Follow up on work progress and priorities work requirements to meet client expectation.

  • Follow up on all project submission such as submission of safety docs, design drawing and etc.

  • Assist project manager with construction and plan works.

  • Research, analyze and consolidate information required for projects.

  • Maintain comprehensive projects and handle any issues that arise.

  • Prepare monthly progress claim and payment response for each projects

Having the company grow and progress smoothly means a lot to me hence i work hard in helping the company achieve this goal. My work in Jinbiao does not stop at liaising with local counterparts but extends to communicating with our fabrication side through drawings.

Being a coordinator means I am the point of contact for my company and all our end-user. Being able to pull strings to make things happen satisfies me and I feel elated when projects are handed over with the customers being satisfied with our quality and workmanship.

“I like to share my experience to others, helping others with my knowledge.I am never afraid to present my ideas to others as well as taking in constructive feedback which will help broaden my knowledge with a positive attitude”

I am a proactive and trustworthy individual. Being proactive, I always look forward and find new ways to improve and prepare for situations.


  1. Explore and broaden my knowledge on construction engineering.

  2. Exploring new technology and machinery use for constructions. 

  3. Having friend gathering with small drinking 

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