4 Basic Things to Ask a Wire Mesh Supplier

Wire mesh suppliers can be found everywhere. They are present in almost any hardware store. They also have standalone warehouses depending on the type of clients they cater to. Others, especially nowadays that there is an ongoing pandemic, prefer to transact business online.

Regardless of where they can be found, shopping for wire mesh fencing shouldn’t be that challenging. You may not be well-versed with the different types of wire mesh available in the market today, but you just have to know what purpose you intend to use the fence for. From there, wire mesh suppliers can provide you with recommendations based on your requirements and type of property.

To further guide you, below are the top things to ask a wire mesh supplier:

  1. What types of wire mesh do you have?

Wire mesh products come in different types. There are large mesh fences that are useful in blocking access to animals and human intruders, often installed to serve as perimeter fences. On the other hand, fine mesh wires are intended to keep an area protected against smaller creatures, such as rodents and insects.

You may want to discuss your needs for a wire mesh fence to your supplier, so that they know what type or variant to offer you.

  1. Can you offer wire mesh in custom specifications?

In general, wire mesh comes either in rolled form or a framed modular setup. They are constructed in standard dimensions, and are only cut or modified during installation. However, you can ask the supplier if they can make custom frames or installs, especially when you need the fence to be of a certain height or length.

For instance, you are going to use the wire mesh as a barrier fence for your pets, then it has to be of specific dimensions. It is thus important that you discuss this with your supplier so they can give you a custom quote.

  1. Who will install the wire mesh?

Some wire mesh suppliers include installation in their services, while others don’t. You should have this clarified with your supplier to avoid confusion and extra costs.

Most wire mesh suppliers offer installation services in their product packages. They will provide you with a package that includes not only the wire mesh you have chosen, but also the dimensions and the installation. You can, however, decide whether they should be the one to install the fence on your property or not.

Some property owners prefer to do the installation themselves, but should you go with this, it may cost you extra.

If your supplier does not offer installation, you may want to look for another company that offers this service. Not only can you save on costs, but you also get to avoid doing the groundwork too.

  1. Will they be doing the paperwork?

Should they offer installation services, it is also important to ask whether the wire mesh supplier handles the admin and paperwork. Installing a fence is still considered construction work, especially when it involves using public space or building on property boundaries.

It is best to ask your supplier about contacting utilities and government agencies; who will be securing permits and submitting construction requirements. This helps you better prepare for the upcoming fence installation.

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