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Sustainable Construction

When construction involves stages where everything becomes a norm and steady, have we ever thought about how we can value add in the construction stages?

Sustainability comes into play when the stages itself works on on itself and maintain itself through even after the construction stage. The next stage where we can look into during construction is what we call ‘Sustainable Construction’. Sustainable Construction cohesively addresses the triple bottom line – the social, economic and environmental performance of the industry. Where sustainability is in concern, these are the things we can look into:

  • Profit and Competitiveness

    • there is really nothing wrong when we relate business with profitability. With measured and value added profit,  companies themselves can now invest intelligently in its people, products and processes to improve their competitiveness.

  • Greater satisfaction

    • delivering buildings and structures that provide greater satisfaction, well-being and added value to customers and users only brings satisfaction. To add on to this, greater satisfaction would mean to handle the needs of current dwellers around site should they be affected during the project.

  • Respect

    • Like what we mention on greater satisfaction, it does not stop at employees but also the community. This includes improving health and safety, enhancing site and welfare conditions, and avoiding noise and dirt which would inconvenience local residents.

  • Protecting

    • enhancing and protecting the natural environment, including protecting habitats,for example the natural features around / before site is developed. For example green walls and solar panels that greatly enhance the purpose of the project would always be a good idea.

  • Reducing

    • When pollution is inevitable during the construction process, minimizing is always the second nature.

Sustainability has always been a responsibility of everyone however to what extend do we put in effort matters the most. Sustainability post a great effect to not only the main stakeholders but also those affected by the decision made.

Till Then. God Bless.


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