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Lean Construction

Production activity or rather the process of construction plays a big role in whether the completion of the project is a success or just another one. “Lean” construction places its focal point on understanding what value means for the client. This in return will create a system to reduce or remove any processes that add cost but do not add value and in some instances, add cost only with added value that brings benefits to the end party.

The steps:

1) Specify Value (customer’s perspective)

What sticks you out from others is the value you have to offer. However this value is only perceived as valuable only if they set their mind to it. Think of it as a checklist that they have to go against what you have. If all the checklist is met, expect a confirm order from this one.

2) Identify and Integrate (delivering value)

Once you have a rough gauge on what matters to your client, collate the details and use it to your “advantage”. When the clients know what you have to offer goes along with what they want, the chance of you offering anything along that line will seem very beneficial to them.

*Of course ethics comes to play here because after all, communication, trust and bond builds businesses upwards* Like a quote in the Godfather movie “to give them an offer they cannot refuse” because is simply value adding and beneficial.

3) Pursue Perfection (improvement)

And then there is that moment where all your plans does not align and it just had to fall on the occasion of a certain project. Sounds familiar? We all have those moment but what makes the different is not only owning up to it but improving from there. Improvements from something well delivered are also a point to take note because improving has never an end to it. We get to be better, the receiving end get to feel that we actually do care about being their solution provider.

Now if you did pay attention, we did say “add cost only with added value” did we not?


“add cost only with added value”


Well to some extend, we definitely would want to go the extra mile to please our client and with that in mind, a returning one will be promising. In business, cost and profit will always have its place and it is to no surprise that such factors are being played in. What does this mean you ask?

Flow the Value

When extra work is bound to happen especially because of unforeseen circumstances, added effort would have to be present. For one simple fact, IF YOU WISH TO KEEP THAT CLIENT, BE THEIR SOLUTION PROVIDER. The only one reason why clients come forth is because they have a problem that you have the solution for. Having that in mind, when the whole process starts when you render your service to them, new problems would arise. This problem could be theirs and nothing of your concern. Perhaps there was something lacking on their side that you secretly know you can give the extra ammunition to. This are opportunity for you to provide extra service and by all means are chargeable. After all, with their tight schedule, a small life line will seem like a home run to many. This extra action will always be a valuable thing because the bottleneck and disruption to your client is “solved” all at one stop.


Sometimes we all feel the sense of giving and often more than never, we would close an eye and settle for what the client request all at our cost. But is this a good practice you might ask? Well it depends from where you are looking from. The only reason why giving in happens in business because the giving party wishes to create that bond and trust. This action goes on a fine line as to what is the maximum one can afford because after all, doing this to many will only cause damage not only to your profit, but also the company’s brand. It is the connection that matters in the end.

Till then. God bless.


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