Sound Barrier and its 4 stark benefits

A sound barrier is a permanent structure of a certain height which cannot be removed once installed. Because of this, it is highly important to understand the advantages of having it adjacent to your property.

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Hebei Jinbiao Sound Barrier

Sound barriers in Singapore are usually constructed near roads and industrial areas. They are likewise present in properties and grounds that are used for special functions that are sensitive to noise.

Sound barriers in Singapore offer the following benefits:

1. Audible noise reduction in roadway traffic.

When built at the right height and construction material, sound barriers can reduce the audible noise in roadway traffic. This greatly benefits people and businesses operating in the protected area as they get to do their everyday tasks without being distracted by noise coming from the outdoors.

For instance, a school situated by the roadside is subject to receiving highway traffic noise on a daily basis. The same can be said for hospitals and business establishments that are located in busy streets. Being in such locations would make it challenging for them to continue their daily activities without being distracted; long-term exposure to unwanted traffic noise will not only disrupt their activities but also create a toxic and stressful environment for them.

With a noise barrier installed, the sounds generated by outside traffic are significantly reduced, allowing indoor activities to continue without disruptions.

2. Privacy from passing motorists.

Aside from mitigating traffic noise, sound barriers also maintain privacy from passing motorists and even pedestrians walking right outside the property. This is very important especially when the area being protected needs to be kept away from unwanted spectators.

A good example would be school grounds. Since noise barriers are made of solid material, they not only keep outdoor sounds from penetrating into the school property; they also prevent bystanders from loitering and watching the activities taking place inside the school premises.

3. Better sound quality within the premises.

Aside from significantly reducing audible noise, there are other acoustic issues that sound barriers mitigate. Acoustic qualities such as echo and reverb can also be discomforting when felt within the premises of the property.

By having a sound barrier constructed, not only is the noise reflected back into the highway, but factors such as echo and reverberation are minimised before they get inside the property.

4. Improve interior and exterior aesthetics.

Sound barriers can also be painted and customised for aesthetic purposes. Both the interior and exterior sides of the barrier can be painted so that they can be pleasant to the eyes.

How to maximise the benefits of sound barriers

To make the most out of a sound barrier, it is important to construct it at the right height and dimensions. Building the barrier with low height may not be enough to block the roadside noise, while not using the right material may result in unwanted sound still penetrating into the property.

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