5 Valuable Benefits of installing an Anti-climb Mesh Fence

Property owners usually think that fencing is just a way to prevent unlawful and unauthorised entry to their property. However, what they don’t realise is that anti-climb mesh fence is just as effective in keeping people safe from all sorts of harm.

Anti-climb mesh fence
Anti-climb mesh fence (source: Google)

Anti-climb mesh fences provide a lot of fringe benefits that we do not immediately see. These include:

1. Prevent high-risk areas from unwanted intrusion.

Some properties are considered as high-risk areas. These include wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves, and mountainsides with dangerous terrains. The thing is, people go to these areas for vicarious thrills, including taking outrageous selfies without taking into account that they are putting their lives at risk.

When unfortunate things like this happen, it is not just the responsibility of the intruder, the organisation or business who owns the premises is also dragged into the issue. They will have to be responsible for not implementing any safety methods. Therefore, it is better to implement prevention before the incidents happen.

Installing an anti-climb fence prevents these people from entering such premises. This kind of fence not only protects the property itself, but in a way these intruders too. By not being able to enter these areas, there will be less risk of accidents occurring, or any type of harm that may result in property damage.

2. Prevent people from attempting suicide.

There are also places that seem to be appealing to people with mental health issues. These include secluded properties, abandoned buildings, or even medical facilities such as hospitals. If you happen to be managing these types of properties, then anti-climb fences would be ideal to install.

Besides, children may also be attracted by some dangerous areas. As they can not read or tend to ignore the warning signs, they will be more likely to get into the premises and cause some accidents. With Anti-climb Mesh Fence, they can not get into those areas.

Unlike other types of barriers, anti-climb mesh prevents people from actually climbing past these barriers. In a way, these fences help protect them from inflicting self-harm.

3. Long-lasting use.

Anti-climb fences are made of woven wire mesh that comes in different styles and dimensions. Their designs make them durable enough to withstand wear and tear, even including manmade damage. Hence, they can be designed with different colours, which emphasize aesthetic of the areas. The owners can even plant some vegetation around them to make the premises look more environmentally-friendly.

Steel is resilient to rust and degradation. This makes wire mesh ideal for outdoor fencing especially in remote properties. With their high durability, external factors like weather will not affect their lifespan much.

Given their durability, anti-wire mesh is seen to be cost-effective, compared to other permanent barrier fences made of different materials. However, based on different purposes, the specialists will suggest different type of mesh fence for you to choose.

4. High visibility.

Unlike other barrier fences that are solid and opaque, wire mesh fences offer high visibility since you get to see through the woven matting. The high visibility of wire mesh fencing also serves as a security deterrent; intruders won’t attempt to climb past the fence since they can be easily seen and apprehended by authorities.

Intruders will also be discouraged from wandering around the premises, as they are afraid of being seen by the landlords.

5. Low maintenance.

Anti-climb mesh is likewise low maintenance. Apart from being durable and capable of withstanding wear and tear, wire mesh can be repaired in sections. When you spot damaged sections, you can have them removed and repaired instead of replacing the whole fence. This makes this type of fence cost-effective and easy to maintain.

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