5 reasons why you should use Services Fence Contractors Offer

It is a common misconception that fences can be installed DIY. Indeed, you can do it on your own, but this doesn’t guarantee that you are able to construct in the same way as professional services can. With services provided by professional Fence Contractors, besides their assistance in the Fence installation, they will also assist you in choosing the most suitable type of fence for your needs.

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This is where a fence contractor’s services come into play. Many property owners opt to hire fence contractors in Singapore not only for the sake of convenience, but more importantly because of the latter’s expertise in installing fences. Sure, it can cost more to hire professional services, but they come with benefits you don’t immediately realise.

Below are the services fence contractors in Singapore usually offer:

1. Surveying the area where the fence is to be installed.

Prior to actually constructing a fence, the contractor will first do a survey on the area to be covered. This includes checking the size of the property in need of fencing, the type of property to be covered, and other considerations such as right of way, etc.

By doing this, they are able to come up with a reasonable quote based on the existing aspects of your property. They will also look into the surrounding environment so that they can come up with a recommendation on which type of fence best suits your needs.

2. Provide fencing recommendations.

Once they have gathered the necessary information based on your property, it is only then when the contractor can provide sound fencing recommendations.

Not all fences are created equal. Not all types of fencing address your property’s needs. You may be looking at just a temporary fencing because it’s cheaper, but what you need is a permanent barrier, or perhaps a sound barrier since your property is situated near the highway.

A contractor’s recommendations are essential because you get to know a professional opinion, and not just rely on hearsay and stock knowledge. Once you have made a choice from their recommendations, it is only the time that you receive a quotation for the job.

3. Install the fence.

The main service offered by fencing contractors is installation. They will arrive at the property to construct the fence as per order specifications. Some fences take only a day or two to complete, while others take more time depending on the type, size of property, and other considerations.

Some types of fencing construction require government permits and other documentation in order to proceed. You may want to ask your contractor who shoulders the paperwork, you or them.

4. Repair or replace the damaged parts of the fence.

Another type of service offered by most fencing contractors is repair and/or replacement. There are instances when only a part of an existing fence is damaged, and depending on the type and material design, a contractor can fix it by segment and not do an overhaul.

Meanwhile, in situations wherein the entire fence is damaged, such as in typhoons or accidents, a replacement might be required.

5. Disposal of the damaged fence (in case of fence replacement).

In cases of repair or replacement, the contractor may or may not shoulder the disposal of the damaged fence. You may want to discuss this with your contractor so you know whether this comes with the package or can be added as an extra service to your project. A reliable contractor will help you even after purchasing their service or products. As a fence contractor, they have more chance to repurchase the products and recycle them for different usage purposes.

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