Using Sound Barrier Sheets on Outdoor Projects

What is the relation between Sound Barrier Sheet and Outdoor projects? Doing outdoor projects usually means that you will also be generating sound that is distracting to neighbours and people passing by. Indeed, outdoor activities don’t last long, but they can be major contributors to noise pollution due to the unwanted sounds that they generate. These cannot be helped, though. It is therefore important that you comply with government standards when generating noise. This prevents you from being apprehended or penalised by the authorities due to being the source of noise pollution in your area. One way to comply with government standards is by using sound barrier sheets. These are temporary noise barriers that are used to protect an outdoor space spreading the noise it generates to neighbouring areas.

Sound barrier sheet

Sound barrier sheets can be used on a variety of outdoor activities. These include:

1. Construction projects.

Sound barrier sheets are ideal for construction projects. They can be installed within the perimeter of the construction site to effectively prevent the noise generated by construction activities from going outside.

Construction sites create a lot of noise. The different machinery being operated during daytime activities are already a major source of noise, and on top of that, there are also manual tasks that result in unwanted sounds.

The noise in construction sites cannot be controlled. Their loudness cannot be kept to a minimum, otherwise, the work productivity will be low.

2. Concerts and recreational events.

Another situation in which sound barrier sheets prove to be useful is that of concerts and recreational events. These activities generate a lot of sounds, which, depending on the audience, can be good or bad to the ears.

The loudness of sound is crucial to concerts and other recreational events. The attendees of these events cannot enjoy their experience if they cannot hear the music properly; the louder the music, the more they feel the enjoyment in the event.

Sound barrier sheets in these situations meanwhile have two functions. The first is to block the sound from going past the concert or event venue. This prevents neighbouring homes and establishments from getting disturbed by the music and other sounds generated by these events.

Another use of sound barrier sheets is that they keep the soundwaves within the premises of the venue. This is very important as the quality of sound is preserved and therefore felt better by audiences.

As soundwaves travel to far and open spaces, they lose their attributes. They start to sound soft, crooked, and choppy. This is a major no-no in concerts and recreational events since people go to these venues to enjoy the sound.

3. Utility maintenance activities.

Sound barrier sheets are also placed in utility maintenance activities. They can be seen in emergency underground utility repairs, road repairs, and even urgent activities in train tracks and highways. It is mainly because maintenance activities require the use of heavy equipment that generates disturbing sounds. In Singapore, it becomes more familiar as the contractors are installing these products to comply with the government’s regulations for noise requirements.

Surrounding these activity areas with sound barriers not only help reduce the spreading of noise; they also serve as warning signs to pedestrians and motorists on the road.

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