3 Ways How Anti-Climb Mesh Fences help to Save Lives

Anti-Climb Mesh Fences
Hebei Jinbiao Anti-Climb Mesh Fences

A lot of property owners think that fences are only installed to prevent unlawful entry to their premises, and to protect their property. Indeed, it’s true, but apart from protecting the property itself, anti-climb mesh fences are necessary in keeping people and animals safe from harm.

There are many reasons people and animals try to enter a potentially dangerous area, and anti-climb mesh fencing can help in preventing this from happening. While not everybody understands the gravity of these dangers, these fences contribute to making them see that such properties are not for them to go to.

Among the ways anti-climb mesh fencing helps save lives are:

1. Prevent suicides.

It is common for people to go to desolate and restricted areas to commit suicide. These include wildlife reserves, abandoned properties, and places that seem like those who intend to kill themselves will never be found. If you happen to own a remote property with these characteristics, then it would be appealing to people who are contemplating to end their lives deliberately.

Among the most places of suicide are:

·         bridges

·         apartment blocks

·         carparks

·         railways

·         hospitals

Any area that has sufficient height and exposure to public access is deemed a potential suicide spot, thus it is a must to have anti-climb mesh fences installed to take away this risk.

Although this danger is not high, once it occurs, the property is in danger of being abandoned and the property owner faces problems such as reporting to the police. This can lead to a loss in profit, efforts as the owner can not make use of the property.

2. Keeping children from unwanted risks.

Another way anti-climb fencing saves lives is by keeping children away from physical harm. Children are curious by nature. They tend to go places to explore, especially in areas that are not for them to check out because of impending dangers like presence of wildlife, potentially harmful terrains, and the lack of monitoring and guardianship.

Among the places where children are most at risk to dangers are:

·         vacant lots

·         streets and highways

·         public places

Aside from accidents, children are vulnerable to crimes such as assault and abduction. Allowing them to wander around unguarded areas may put them at risk to being taken by force. With its height, anti-climb fencing will prevent the children from getting inside the restricted or dangerous areas or getting out of the safe zone. If there are any suspects wandering around the area, it is also easy for adults to observe.

3. Avoid untoward incidents.

There are also instances when people go to restricted properties to fulfil their vicarious thrills. These include taking selfies and pictures in places that are off-limits to the public.

These areas are usually marked as restricted because of the potential dangers they pose to visitors. Abandoned buildings for instance, often have structural defects and may collapse anytime. Wildlife reserves meanwhile may have dangerous animals roaming freely within the premises. Some forest and hiking trails may have treks that are currently dangerous due to a recent storm, making them unpassable at the moment.

Anti-climb fences become very useful in these areas because it is not all the time that these properties are guarded and monitored. There may be guards or rangers assigned in these properties, but they cannot immediately respond to uncompromising situations. Having fences to protect these areas prevents the likelihood of such incidents.

Anti-climb mesh fences come in different types according to material, built, and design. You may want to get in touch with your fence contractor to get to know which type of fencing is best suited to your property.

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