4 Common but Important Questions to Ask Your Fence Contractor

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Not all fence contractors are created equal. They may be operating under the same niche industry and offer the same service, but that does not guarantee that they all provide the same level of quality.

Some fencing contractors in Singapore concentrate on commercial and industrial fencing, while there are those that are more focused on building fences in residential and agricultural properties.

You may not realise the impact of having a quality fence built within your property right away, but by having it done professionally, you can enjoy its perks for the long-term. Not all fences are the same, not all fence contractors have the same priorities. It is important to contact the right fence contractor and purchase the right type of fencing for your needs.

Before anything else, here are some questions to ask fencing contractors in Singapore that you wish to hire for your property:

1. How long has the company been in the business?

Prior to hiring a fence contractor, it is important that you have done some background research on the company or companies you intended to work with. It is important that you know their business history.

The number of years they have been operating is an indicator of their reputation in the industry. You may want to look at how long they have been operating under their current name, or if they have been known under different brand names in the past.

You may also want to check their track record, including their owners and how they fare in the industry.

2. Do they have an online presence?

Aside from looking up the brand, it is also important for you to see their online presence. Businesses these days have gone online to reach out to wider audiences, and to solidify their status as a reputable company. Their efforts in online platforms show how much they care about the clients and how they are adapting to changes and new trends.

Fencing contractors nowadays have websites to introduce their services, along with their portfolio of projects and previous clients. This way, you can gauge their reputation and trust, and whether their clients are satisfied with their work.

3. Are you licensed to operate?

There are fencing contractors who operate without a license, perhaps because they cater to small clients or are just starting out in the business. While not all of them are dodgy, it working with them may pose issues for you later on.

Without the license to operate, they cannot pursue working on big projects that require paperwork or dealing with government agencies. They may also have limited service offers, so some of the tasks of the fencing job may be delegated to you, and this is something you’d want to avoid. It is favourable if you can work with contractors who have been in the industry for more than 3 years at least.

4. Will you work on permits and contact utility companies?

Some fencing jobs require government permits or coordination with utility companies. It is standard operation to secure building and installation permits first since putting up a fence is still a construction job. There are also instances when a fencing construction may affect utility lines, or may require integration like electricity connections, so utility companies may have to be involved.

While fencing contractors usually include this task in their fencing installation packages, it is important that you are clarified, so you won’t be taken by surprise if ever you incur extra charges for permits or utility coordination.

A responsible fencing contractor will instruct the clients about the necessary procedures before starting a project.

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