Getting to Know 4 Different Types of Noise Barriers

Noise barriers are structures that are designed to protect a sensitive property from unwanted acoustics. It is also known as a sound wall, sound barrier, noise wall, sound berm, or acoustic barrier.

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A noise test for Hebei Jinbiao Noise Barriers

Sound barriers are becoming an essential component in property construction, since they are effective in controlling unwanted sound and noise coming from different sources. By having a noise barrier present within your property, you can protect your premises from distracting sounds generated by roadside traffic and surrounding areas without having to tweak the sources themselves.

While noise barriers come in different forms, it is important that you know which one to use in your area. This is for you to maximise the perks they provide without having to spend too much on money and time.

Among the most common types of noise barriers offered in the market are:

Metal barriers

Metal noise barriers are used in business and industrial spaces, mainly because of their modular design and immediate convenience. They are easy to install, not to mention friendly on the budget. These barriers come with different absorptive features that prevent sound from bouncing around a protected area.

However, metal barriers are prone to damage and changing climate conditions. They can rust and deteriorate over time, and may have to be replaced after a few years.

Brick barriers

Brick barriers are likewise durable, but they cannot be easily removed from the premises. They are constructed alongside roads and highways not only to prevent traffic noise from entering, but also as a means to set boundaries to a protected property. They also serve as a security barrier against intruders and unauthorised entry.

The quality of brick barriers in terms of mitigating sound is not at par with other types, though. They can only rebound the noise back into the source, so if the sound energy is at constant levels, the noise will only get louder.

Acrylic sound barriers

Acrylic sound barriers meanwhile are designed to reflect the sound when it hits the surface. Due to their transparent feature, they can obstruct the line of sight to road traffic, which in turn reduces the impact of sound traveling to the area being guarded.

Temporary noise barriers

Temporary noise barriers are composed of different materials, such as metal and mesh. They are used primarily to reduce noise in open areas where temporary activities are taking place, such as construction sites, concert venues, and parks.

Temporary noise barriers are easy to set up and are attached to metal fences to further improve sound mitigation. In concerts and other entertainment activities, they enclose machines that are being operated during the event, such as generators, since the sounds they make can disrupt the ambiance of the activity.

Metal noise barriers

Made of metal, a very durable material, these metal noise barriers are commonly known as the most cost effective type of noise barriers. By making a one-time investment, customers can get a Noise shield that can last up to 20 years. That’s why these products are called Permanent Noise Barriers. With durability, they are suitable for almost every kind of projects which take long time to complete, including Construction, Utilities and Industrial, etc.

The designs of these barriers are aesthetic, as they will remain on the site for a long time. Based on the clients’ specific demands and expectations, the products can be customised before installation with a reasonable extra cost.

Being one of the leading companies in Singapore, Hebei Jinbiao is proud to provide a considerable quantity of high-quality noise control products for many partners from different sectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a favourable price and free consultation.

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