How do Sound Barrier Sheets become extremely effective? Here are 4 resourceful reasons why

Hebei Jinbiao Sound Barrier Sheet
Hebei Jinbiao Sound Barrier Sheet in outdoor

When it comes to improving the sound quality in a room or space, people usually think that cushioned covers or even egg crates to do the job. However, different types of spaces have different noise control and mitigation needs, and these have to be addressed by using the right material. Sound barrier sheets are specially designed to control the acoustics at a given space. They are either installed outdoors or indoors (such as in walls and ceilings) in structures that are usually intended for commercial, industrial, or multifunctional use. Because of their effectiveness, these barriers are becoming a staple in residential spaces as well.

But how do sound barrier sheets work?

To start with, sound barrier sheets are soundproofing sheets that are capable of controlling sound in different ways. They either block the transmission of sound coming into the space, like voices outdoors or highway noise, or reduce the reverberation of sounds, like those coming from drilling and construction activities.

Sound barrier sheets are composed of different materials. They can be made of acrylic, foam, or impacted wood. These materials are specially designed to do specific sound control functions, making them effective in reducing or preventing noise from dominating a room or open space.

What they do

As mentioned earlier, sound barrier sheets can do either of two functions: block the sound or absorb the sound. You can use a specific sheet to address your needs, or use a composite barrier sheet that can do both functions.

Sheets that absorb reverberation and echo are often installed in enclosed spaces, such as walls and ceilings. They capture the sounds that try to go beyond the walls and conquer outdoor spaces. By doing this, sounds made from inside the room will not be heard in areas outside. You can then play loud music without disturbing your neighbour.

Meanwhile, echo-absorbing sound barrier sheets improve the sound quality in a room. These sheets are also installed in walls and ceilings of recording studios or concert halls, so performers and their audiences can enjoy the sound they listen to.

Common materials used in making sound barrier sheets

Sound barrier sheets are often very compact, which is important because this feature is what makes them effective in blocking and absorbing noise. The compact feature of their make and build also help deflect soundwaves instead of allowing them to pass through their surface and penetrate other rooms.

Sound barrier sheets are usually made of the following materials:

  • wood wool – these are wood-fibre panels that reflect sound, which is ideal for rooms and outdoor commercial spaces
  • fabric-wrapped acoustic panels (vinyl, leather, or acrylic fabric) – since this material absorbs sound, it is usually installed in rooms that require speech privacy.
  • acoustical foam – it is used to absorb reverberation
  • CFAB cellulose – also a sound absorber
  • acrylic acoustic sheets (Plexiglass) – helps eliminate outside noise

Purpose of using sound barrier sheets

  • For households: Sound barrier sheets are installed to protect your beloved ones from the impact of noise pollution, especially on hearing ability. For family with children, it is suggested by specialists that sound barrier sheets should be installed to protect the kids’ hearing ability.
  • For industrial buildings and construction sites: Sound barrier sheets are necessary equipment for many reasons including complying with NEA noise boundary limits, avoiding disputes with nearby residents and protecting the employees health from loud noise, which can increase their productivity.

Based on different purposes, different types of sound barrier sheets will be suggested. For new comers, choosing a suitable type of sound barriers may not be easy. Consultation with specialists is necessary to avoid wasting time, money and efforts.

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