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Construction BEST PRACTICE: The only way up

Best practice is commonly known as ‘a policy, a system, a procedure, a work flow’ that promotes optimal outcome such that it is worthy of adoption. (Photo source:

But do we really know what it consist of especially in a construction industry. Are we cutting cost that affects our image? Are we adopting a practice that when we cut cost, it will mean the value and quality drops in-line too?

This post would give you a rough guide on what would best practice be. However, on top of this secret recipe, best practice can only be effective when all the concerned parties work together. A company only stand as strong as its weakest link. This articles might not be a complete guide but will always be better when combined with what ever you are doing right now; for those whom are searching for things to make as a guide, we are certain this will help.

We will be touching on:

  • Procurement

  • Partnering

  • Value Management

  • Sustainable Construction

  • Bench-marking

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Lean Construction

So why do you have to care? because best practice will eliminate extra cost for your company that are still not bringing in value. Best practice will make your company image as important even in the downtime of the economy. Best practice makes your work more efficient, more cost effective and believe it or not, makes you a better functioning company. Tune in soon for the updates!

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