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Phones, Procuring Best Friends?

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Procurement is a big part and parcel of a project. More often then never, to make things the easiest and most efficient, those in-charge of procurement would definitely just go back to suppliers they dealt before. Is this a problem you might ask? It will not be a problem if the supplier has been a good partner so far but what if the only reason one goes back to them is because of time.


Time because its already a little late to source out for best valued services.

Time because the process of the earlier stages got delayed hence pushing other things back.

Time because one has too many other projects and is in a rush.


BUT what if the previous supplier has things that is not favorable? Will you just go forth and go with them again? Procurement sourcing has to begin early. It starts as early as when you have the chance to source it out. The most ideal situation would be to be approached by them. YES it might be irritating. it might be a nuisance but one has to understand that this incoming ‘help of annoyance’ is a helping hand.

Well what if you do not prefer that? Then your next move is to always always always take note of those good suppliers you have dealt with, or those suppliers you came across that road show you went that goes inline with what you might need in your managing of future projects.

Traditional way

The traditional way of doing procurement is always to go with the lowest price tendered. It is a no brain process to most as cost is one of the main factor to consider when procuring. HOWEVER, do we really know what we are accepting at the end of the day? Do we want it cheap but in actual fact does not work like how we want it? Or do we understand and invest accordingly to the quality and function, just like how we want it?

Modern way

Modern procurement methods emphasize the need to select those companies/suppliers that can work well. A company that accepts price is always a factor but hands you the best value that can offer at the same time. A company that want to work long term and does not treat a deal as a one time off business- effectively a collaborative relationship and who understand and practice the principles of “Partnering”.

Modern way would literally convert to how you work because it does not stop at making phone calls and asking them if they have this or that. More often, a follow up email on asking for quotes after which. This technique are STILL effective. It works, and works well but how many of us do know that there are other mediums to explore. 

“A company that extends to the social network is a company that wish to connect and interact”

Have you not thought about it? When a company has taken its time to extend its presence on the social sites, it would only mean one thing. They want to connect; when they do so, these companies are those collaborative relationship material.

Easiest way to source out these days would be using the internet. Gone with the days where one has to ask for company reference or rather company profile through the phone or email because all this information can be found from the internet. If the profile/ reference does not match your criteria, then move on. It is much efficient thAn asking for it through emails and getting the reply back few hours later.

Next channel for exploration would be the social media. Though LINKEDin is not really an effective source in some countries, FACEBOOK however would be a great medium. Join groups or even search for companies that tickles your curiosity. You will be surprise at how you can learn about that company from their page itself.

All in all, one should not just limit their work to sourcing through calls. Doing so would already limit themselves to little option and that could mean options with not much depth and value most of the time. The key to procuring is the connection made before hand, once you do go through the process of identifying, your role would be pretty much easier as you already have a pool of suppliers (companies) to go to for specific jobs and are those whom you trust.

TILL THEN hold on for our issue on PARTNERSHIP next, GOD BLESS.

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