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Another successful project with us. This time round, it is STRAITS Construction. STRAITS Construction was a familiar client that worked with us a couple of times.

Having its Executive Condo project surrounded by Noise Sensitive areas like the Salvation Army and residential areas, STRAITS Construction approached us on the possibility of erecting Temporary Noise Control Barrier. 

The National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore has an undergoing scheme called the Quieter Construction Fund to promote a better environment near construction sites. With this scheme, construction companies are able to claim a certain amount of money spent on purchasing equipment or products that lessens the Decibel emitted on site. To know if your current project is qualified for this scheme, do contact us at or call 6250 3385.

We would like to congratulate STRAITS Construction and Mr Balamurugan, WSHO of STRAITS Construction, on the successful phase of this project and to many more projects in the future.


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