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Project AWARENESS: Sticker Notice.

The campaign for awareness. The Noise Control Barriers are a thing which is used widely, not because the government implements it but a lot of companies now do care about how they WOULD affect the site’s surrounding especially on dwellers.

However, due to the lack of information shared and spread to the masses, such activity / effort is hardly recognized. It is to no surprise if public would think normal metal hoarding are the same as noise control barriers. The fault of misinformation of course cannot be pin-point to any party (both government and private) as one party’s intention (NEA) is to safe guard the environmental interest without ‘bragging’ and to the other party (construction company), their main focus would be completing on hand work.

However on our side, the supplier of solution, we feel it is best to step in a little and hence this campaign, Project Awareness: Sticker Notice. Being the first company to introduce this campaign, Jinbiao has nothing on its mind besides educating the public on the effort put in. We see that this value will go a long way should the public know more about it.

Why? – well small survey conducted by us showed that even though Noise Control Barriers are erected, dwellers around construction sites still put up complain about the noise. This complains are directed to construction company’s MAIN LINE and NEA. Jinbiao of course did some sniffing and result shows that the complain was because dwellers thought that the construction company had not put in ANY effort at all. Well we all know how worst it could get without a noise mitigation system don’t we?

BENEFITS. So now, when it clearly shows Noise Control Barrier. Would you still think efforts are not put in? Think about the cut in complains to both sides. With this in place, man-hours wasted on trying to explain the effort already put in is cut and from what we surveyed, this campaign work wonders.

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