4 Essential Benefits of Using Wire Mesh Fence for Farms

Agricultural spaces, such as farms and orchards, are among those most in need of fencing. They are areas with an intended purpose; thus, they have to be protected and segregated accordingly. Wire Mesh Fence may be a suitable choice.

Wire Mesh Fence in Farming
Wire Mesh Fence and how to use it in agriculture

Property owners who look after agricultural land usually invest in fencing installations to address certain needs. These include protecting the area from potential intruders especially during times of harvest, securing animals and preventing them from roaming around the premises, and keeping produce and equipment from unauthorised reach.

Wire mesh fencing is a top choice among farmers and agricultural property owners due to its peerless benefits. Wire mesh in Singapore is often seen in the country’s vegetable farms, as well as in its urban farming premises. Even though agriculture in Singapore is not a popular sector, having knowledge about the usage of wire mesh fencing in agriculture can help you to optimise it for different purposes.

Among the perks of using wire mesh for farms are:

1. Provides great safety to animals.

Wire mesh is strong enough to help keep animals secure without them feeling cramped or contained. They are usually installed as confinement fencing like in around corrals, feedlots, or small crop acreage premises.

Since they have small openings, wire mesh fences allow animals to reach their food troughs even when in confinement. These openings are likewise small enough that they do not put animals at risk of getting entangled within the fence.

2. Crop protection.

Since they are mainly used for confinement, wire mesh fences are ideal for crop protection. They are used to contain crop areas away from intruders and unnecessary entry. Farmers can do their daily maintenance tasks from the outside of the premises, especially when these involve watering or spraying the crops with fertilizer.

As a means of crop protection, wire mesh helps protect produce from being infested by pests, such as rodents or even bigger animals like cats and dogs.

3. Trellises or vertical gardens.

Wire mesh in Singapore is popularly used in trellises or vertical gardens. Vertical farming has become a popular alternative to traditional agriculture in the country, due to its limited land area.

Wire mesh fencing is used in buildings dedicated to urban gardening, and they serve as:

·         confinement borders to protect produce from falling off the ledge

·         panels for hanging gardens and vineyards

·         flooring and slats

4. Greenhouse use.

While they are more common in orchards and traditional farms, greenhouses are also becoming more present in urban gardens and farms. They are installed to create a special environment for specific plants and crops.

Wire mesh is a top preference for greenhouse confinement because they allow for natural ventilation within the created environment. Through their openings, the plants and crops inside the greenhouse receive ample sunlight and air, therefore enabling them to nurture and grow.

Compared to other types of fencing for farms, wire mesh is easy to install, repair, and maintain. This type of fencing comes in different material makeup, such as galvanised mesh, aluminium, and stainless steel. Galvanised mesh is used mostly for farms and greenhouses, while stainless steel and aluminium types are intended for borders and trellises. You may want to contact your fencing contractor to learn more about the right type of wire mesh fencing to use for your farming needs.

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