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4 Reasons to Visit Us at BuildTech ASIA 2017

As you may know, BuildTech ASIA 2017 is around the corner!

We also know you are anticipating to physically see our innovated Permanent Noise Control Barrier that will change Singapore’s landscape of the future. So here are 4 reasons why you need to come down and visit us: (partially extracted from 4 reasons why you should visit BuildTech Asia 2017 by BUILDTECH.

Reason #1: Purchase or sell products 
Our products that will be showcased at BuildTech will go hand in hand with the needs of Singapore and South East ASIA. With the current interest to minimize noise pollution from construction, our Noise Control Barrier are one of the best product in the market and when it comes to security, we have our fence – 358 fencing, a popular choice of type.

DID YOU KNOW? – The new requirement for achieving BizSafe standard is to include a system against security risks such as terrorist attacks: Many will take fencing around premises as a precaution.

Reason #2:  Gathering information on advancement
Noise Control Barriers – especially Permanent Barrier’s usage has been increasing in Singapore, however, many fingers has been pointed to its design as something that will hinder Singapore’s landscape design should more of this barriers are used.

Lucky for all this people, they shall be treated to something new and could possibly change the future of landscaping through noise mitigation.

DID YOU KNOW? – This year Jinbiao will be showcasing our fabrication capability with different designs of Permanent Noise Control Barrier.

Reason #3: Business Matching Opportunities
Ever thought of having another partner to venture into South East Asia? Well nice to meet you. Hebei Jinbiao are still actively searching for partners to work together. Trust us, we have time to talk about business even if it’s during exhibition.

DID YOU KNOW? – There seems to be an increase in construction activity around SEA region. If we do not meet the criteria of a partner, perhaps the person beside you at our booth might.

Reason #4: Exciting events held in conjunction with BuildTech Asia 2017 
You can also sign up for the many exciting activities happening during the week. These include a Build Smart Conference where you can learn from international industry experts on their experience adopting advanced construction technologies and processes in their projects, industry best practices, and the latest developments in the region.

DID YOU KNOW? – Hebei Jinbiao is a leading company to Noise Control Barriers in the South East Asia region. Our products has been used numerous times for both private and government projects..

So what are you waiting for? Hebei Jinbiao will be there, are you?
Catch us at:

Booth: E15
Date: 24th Oct 2017 – 26th Oct 2017

We will be giving out promotional codes for certain items through our social media(s) so do tell us when you follow us there!


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