Why Do Property Owners Prefer to Use Wire Mesh as a Security Barrier?

Wire mesh fences are usually the top choice when it comes to security barriers. They may look less bulky and sturdy compared to other types of security fences, but wire mesh in Singapore offers peerless benefits that suit the needs of property owners. Security is the top priority of people and organisations that own property. Regardless if they are tending a building, a house, or a parcel of land, they have to do what it takes to keep it from getting damaged. Maintaining high security provides them the comfort and relief from any form of treat, and the freedom to do what they want on their property.

Wire mesh

So, what exactly makes property owners go for wire mesh in Singapore?

1. Wire mesh provides adequate visibility for security monitoring.

Wire mesh fences are made of welded metal. They come in different sizes, which property owners can choose depending on how they want their property to be guarded.

Unlike concrete or wooden fence barriers, wire mesh fences offer see-through visibility. Security personnel can then view the area outside the property’s premises easily and spot unusual events taking place. They can easily check whether there are intruders trying to enter the property, or if there are unwarranted cars parked outside doing suspicious activity and have these apprehended immediately.

2. Wire mesh is easy to repair.

These fences can be installed straight from the ground or built on a solid concrete foundation (low concrete fence with wire-mesh installation similar to schools). They are also installed in sections, which makes them easy to repair.

When a part of the fence is found to have been worn out or cut open as a means of intrusion, the damaged section can be dismantled and replaced with a new one. There is no need to replace the entire fence or build a new one just because a part of it was damaged.

They can endure changing climate conditions as they are made of durable steel material; they do not warp or turn brittle after being exposed to heat and moisture.

3. Wire mesh is easy to install.

Since they are built in sections, they are easier to install and take less time to consume compared to other fences. Depending on the size of the property, these fences can be installed in a matter of days, or a few weeks if there are other security measures to be added.

4. It’s difficult to climb up a wire mesh fence.

Wire mesh fences may have holes (due to their welded nature), but these are too small for a foot to fit in. This means that trespassers would find it extremely difficult to climb up these fences.

This feature makes wire mesh more ideal, as not only does it stall intruders from climbing up the barrier, the visibility the fence offers makes it easier for them to be spotted by security personnel.

5. Wire mesh can be installed in any type of property.

They are versatile; they can address any type of security need properly.

They can be constructed to keep machinery safe, or serve as perimeter fences to separate adjacent properties. They can also be used in commercial, industrial, and community areas to protect the people in them.

This is why they can be found in school, factories, parks, and even cemeteries; wire mesh fences deliver all kinds of security needs once they are installed.

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