5 Ways to Maintain Your Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh fence in Singapore is a common sight in many communities. Wire fences are used to keep pets or children from going into areas that may be dangerous. They’re also a great way to provide a sense of security for your home, and can even add an aesthetically pleasing element to your property too! But sometimes they need some maintenance work done on them. Here’s what you should know about how to maintain your wire mesh fence in Singapore:

wire mesh fence

1. Always check for wear and tear.

Be sure to check your posts for wear and tear. These will typically be metal, as well as rusting if they aren’t concrete-mounted into the ground or at right angles from its surface with no deviations in height whatsoever!

All upright poles should also face outward so that rainwater doesn’t accumulate on top of them – instead of directing any excess toward an outwash zone behind you.

2. Look for signs of blunt force.

The wire mesh fence isn’t easily damaged, but it can be if something heavy falls against the fence. If criminals manage to cut through fencing with an axe or hacksaw-like tool for example – which they are more likely than not going want to give what you have just read-, then your chain link should probably get replaced as soon as possible because this type of weapon is dangerous enough without adding chainsaws too.

3. Get rid of rust immediately.

Rust can be a problem on a wire mesh fence, but don’t let it get you down. Simply use steel wool to remove early signs of rust before they turn into something more serious.

Wear rubber gloves for protection from chemicals involved when removing the encrusted gunk; simply press harder with each pass until all surfaces are shiny again in order not to damage any part unnecessarily or accidentally scratch anything else nearby either during clean-up or while using their item after finishing up work here too if needed.

4. Make sure to clean the fence regularly.

Wire mesh fence needs to be cleaned from the outside as well, and this means scrubbing them down with a brush. If you have soapy water but not borax or natural cleaners available, make sure that your fence is completely dry before using any other methods for cleaning.

Borax is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to detergents. It doesn’t contain any kind of cleaner so you can use it without worrying about adverse effects on plant or animal life! Mix the borax with water in an outdoor pump sprayer for best results. Spray areas that have accumulated mud and bird droppings – leave ten minutes before hosing off thoroughly; wear rubber gloves if necessary (this will also help prevent staining).

5. Mould can damage the quality of fences too.

Mould can form on fencing. To keep it away, use white spirit vinegar instead of bleach which is an environmentally friendly yet effective anti-mould agent for your plants and skin alike.

The acetic acid in the mixture works to kill bacteria while also preventing viruses from spreading – all without being harsh or harmful like other cleaners might seem at first glance (even ones that say “no contact”). Just remember: if you have sensitive skin, wear rubber gloves so as not to irritate yourself when scrubbing; otherwise, those unhappy experiences will just build up more frustration inside us than necessary already…

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