Uses of Wire Mesh Fences

Wire Mesh Fence is one of the most common and basic types of fencing. It is usually made from galvanised or stainless steel. Wire mesh in Singapore is often seen in commercial and industrial properties, and sometimes even in residential areas. This is not surprising, since this type of fencing has a variety of uses.

Wire Mesh Fence

Property owners prefer using wire mesh in Singapore for their fencing needs because of its cost-effectiveness. Not only is it an economical solution to promoting security and perimeter delineations; wire mesh also offers practically the same benefits as that of other types of fences.

1. Security fencing

One of the most popular uses of this type of Fencing is for security. It is often used as a security fence or perimeter wall for industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Property owners prefer to use this type of fencing because it not only keeps their area secure but also adds aesthetic value to their exterior spaces.

Wire mesh fences used for this purpose usually come in 5mm to 6mm holes. If you are a property owner, you can choose which type of wire mesh fencing to use depending on your specific security needs.

There are also wire mesh fences that have very small openings, making them the perfect anti-climb solution too.

2. Open-ground fencing

Wire mesh is also the best type of fencing for open-ground areas, including playgrounds and gardens. It can be used to surround the area or be installed in specific sections of the open-ground space.

In gardens, it adds a rustic look, making the area look more jovial. They can also be used to support climbing plants since they are more durable compared to wooden fences.

In other types of open-ground spaces, it offers security and perimeter barrier functions. They help keep the people within the space safe from all sorts of intrusion, and prevent unauthorised entry as well.

3. Window screens

Wire mesh is also used as an alternative material to window screens. Like security fences, it offers a durable option for window screens and is used on structures that require additional security, like buildings and industrial complexes.

Wire mesh as window screens is often found in barns, storage facilities, and stock rooms as it prevents outsiders from entering these areas through the window.

4. Highway and railway fencing

Lastly, this incredible kind of Fencing is used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as highway and railway fencing. Wire mesh offers heightened security in these areas, as they prevent people and animals from crossing the road or rail tracks. Going past these barriers may result in accidents that cause injury and even death.

Wire mesh fencing in these areas is also used to prevent damage on the roads and tracks, especially when they have been recently constructed or repaired.

Do you need wire mesh fencing?

Wire mesh fencing is probably the most readily available type of fencing in the market today. If you think your property needs to be installed with one, then it is best to contact a reliable contractor who can provide you with options to make the most out of this kind of fencing.

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