Top 6 Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor in Singapore

Whether you are planning to have a new fence installed or are looking to replace a damaged one, there are several important questions that you will have to ask a fence contractor in Singapore. Fence installation is a high value investment that yields significant returns over the years. However, many property owners and managers overlook this, and think that any fence would suffice. But what exactly should you ask a fence contractor in Singapore? Here are some of the top questions to look into:

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  1. What types of fencing materials do you install?

Not all fence contractors are created equal. They may not offer the same type and quality of service at all. You have to know their scope and limitations, so it is best to ask about the type of fencing materials they install.

By asking this question, you learn more about their areas of fencing expertise. There are contractors who are well-versed with anti-climb fences and similar installations, and there are those who are into permanent fencing. They can also tell you in detail which type of fence you will need for your property.

  1. Do you have a list of references?

Reputable contractors are more than happy to give you a list of references that you can contact should you conduct a background check. Those who are able to provide references are those who have done a good job for their clients, and mostly likely these are repeat projects as well.

Asking for a list of references will also make you see the type of clients they serve. By getting to know their previous clients and projects, you can also gauge whether they are the right contractor to hire for your project.

There are instances when you stumble upon a reputable contractor but end up not satisfied with their services later on. This is because while they know what they are doing, their area of expertise is not what you need, and this conflict may derail your project.

  1. What type of warranty do you offer?

Most contractors offer a warranty on their workmanship, as a measure of making their customers happy. It is also important that you ask for a warranty so that if ever something happens to your fence, they can have it repaired or replaced at no extra charge.

Also, it is important to ask about insurance coverage, and if they are an insured company.

  1. Do you offer finishing services?

Some clients want to have their fence painted or varnished after installation. You may want to ask whether finishing services are covered by the fencing job, or if they offer the said service as an add-on.

  1. Who will dispose of the old fence?

If you are hiring a fencing contractor to replace an old, worn-out fence, then you may want to ask whether they will be the one to dispose of it or not. Hauling services may require an additional cost if they don’t include this in their package. It is also good to know beforehand so you can make arrangements as to who should remove the fence from your property.

  1. Who is going to contact local utilities?

Local utilities are usually notified before installing a fence, so they can mark existing electrical and water lines. Some contractors do the job of calling up local utility companies, while others leave the task up to their client.

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