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Ready. Set. Innovate.

Time and time again we would never fail to hit a wall and all the resources we have seems to be of no use. Felt that before?

Innovation usually starts right from the time where the exact sentiments are felt. But there is a twist to it. Yes the feeling of hitting a wall still applies but at the same time, the resources made available are ‘tweaked’ to your advantage. The wonders of innovation does not usually have to be ground breaking and innovation also does not have to always come at the right time. Some times innovation came too early and it could fail and there there comes part two. The improvisation of part 1.

Take for example of a scooter. No one ever really thought of placing a battery power motor to a scooter back then where scooting was just for fun. Then one day, someone realized his/her leg muscles were not even anymore? then maybe the innovation of having motor powered scooter arises. A problem or maybe a situation where what you have cannot be used traditionally, that would always trigger you to be innovative but how do you work your way to be innovative?


Innovation works best when they are cultivated not forced. A habit that allows even the janitor of the company to contribute ideas to innovate how something works.

Hebei Jinbiao recently soft launched its Innovated Noise Barrier series to the industry helping companies like TUV SUD Singapore to handle its issue of noise source. Here are some points that would maybe allow you and your company to cultivate this habit:

Stay open

No idea is a bad idea. Stay open to any ideas for innovation. Idea might not be applicable now, but it can always be a good add on for the future. Experience would mean nothing when you let it be just numbers. It would also mean nothing when you use it to boost your ego. The motive here is to improve on the current standing. So be open to anything.


1 man work can bring you somewhere fast but if you want to go far, work with other like minded ones. Ever heard of that? Collaborating with other departments would allow their expertise to be infused in the idea making an idea burst with innovation. Collaborate with other companies or someone outside the company so they can bend the rules of doing something traditionally. After all, following the traditional way brings you to the wall did it not?

Go flat

Go flat is to bring down the structure system you have going on now. That means no managerial role, no janitor role. YES by all means, have the janitor be involved. Have all those you perceive of low level management role join in if you want good ideas. HECK get those you perceive lazy ones because lazy people would always find ways to do things easier to their advantage do they not?

Lastly, always know such innovation could lead to failure but such failure are constructive and never be used to stop what you have been doing. Stay innovative and never succumb to a wall, go around it.

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