Reasons Noise Pollution Reduces Your Quality of Life

Noise pollution is a serious issue that has been impacting people for the past century and it is only getting worse. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that noise causes one in five cases of hearing loss, which means more than 1 billion people worldwide are at risk. In addition to this, WHO reports that long-term exposure to loud noises such as traffic or construction can lead to heart disease, sleep disturbance and other adverse effects on health.

Noise pollution

But what if you don’t live by busy roads? What about the sounds from your neighbour’s dog barking incessantly? All these things add up and make life much less enjoyable.

Noise pollution can make one’s life miserable in many different ways. Hence, noise barriers in Singapore are designed to help improve one’s well being by mitigating unwanted sound.

Among the reasons that reduces your quality of life are:

1. Hearing problems.

The range of sounds our ears can handle is quite narrow, so any sound that isn’t in this limited register could cause problems. We have an inner ear with three tiny bones and a membrane called the hearing organ which acts like Kryptonite; it blocks out all other frequencies by reflecting them back into themselves.

When you’re exposed to too many harmful noises (like heavy traffic), these vibrations end up pounding against your eardrum over and over again – what we call “ear ringing.” This hurts because they make contact faster than light would travel between two points on its surface.

Noise barriers in Singapore are specially designed to maintain the effects of sound to be at tolerable levels, and in the long run, help prevent hearing problems too.

2. Psychological issues.

Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem in modern society. Studies show that excessive noise can have a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of people, animals alike. The occurrence of aggressive behaviour disturbance sleep- patterns, constant stress fatigue depression anxiety hysteria hypertension later life is all linked back to this issue which causes more severe chronic conditions over time.

People are constantly exposed to noise pollution in the workplace, at home and even during their leisure time. This constant distress has been shown as a contributing factor that could lead directly or indirectly to mental health issues which could have been prevented in a similar way property owners install noise barriers in Singapore.

3. Chronic illness.

Noise pollution has been shown to cause cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. The link between loud noise exposure and these health problems are well documented in peer-reviewed journals as well as by government organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO).

A study published last year found that people who live near major roads have nearly three times greater chance of developing hearing loss over their lifetime compared with those living further away from traffic sources – even if they don’t work or go shopping there during commutes! This harmful effect increases significantly for exposures below 100 dB(a) where damage begins becoming irreversible without intervention.

4. Drastic cognitive changes.

The brain is a sensitive organ that cannot take too much noise. In fact, it can lead to lower response rates and make people dumber over time as well as dulling their minds with each blast from an offending sound wave.

The human brain was not meant for this type of environment; we need quiet spaces where our thoughts are allowed room to freely wander and develop.

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