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Mitigation Innovation The Next Move

More often then never, noise mitigation will be needed on project site. Whether it is for short-term permanent use or a short term, temporary usage. We often see Noise Control Barriers being erected on site and the frequent sights would be the Temporary Noise Control Barrier – where the mitigation system would be placed on the surrounding premises (or a part of an enclosures) for a minimum of 2 years.

However, such Temporary Noise Control Barrier (T.N.C.B) are fixated to the supporting structure that requires time and cost of installation to erect it on site. – be it premises or enclosures.

With the tremendous increase in the need for efficiency pertaining to work on site, Project Coordinator and Quantity Surveyor alike, are looking for an option to quicken the process of erecting mitigation systems on site. Such construction need evolved the Temporary Noise Control Barrier’s system in the market, however, only certain supplier/installer can deliver. Some needs on site, requires that the mitigation system to be moved every certain period of time to follow the machinery or the work area on site. As such, the mitigation system are required to be moved as frequent as the shifting of work area. This will incur cost of dismantling and assembly should the traditional system be adopted for such work.

“The delivery of the innovated Noise Control Barrier differs by project as site’s needs and constraint will give rise to a specific design best suited for the project”



How does the Portable Noise Control Barrier helps?

1) Mobility

Portable Noise Control Barrier are designed to adopt a modular system and as such, moving it from one place to another is quick, fast and efficient. Such modular system shifts as a whole and eliminate the need to dismantle and assemble the mitigation system again. Costing incurred from re-installation and shifting being lessened, resulting in cost efficiency.

2) Time Constraint

The average installation time to erect the Temporary Noise Control Barrier for example a 600m2 (100mL x 6mH) project is approximately 1 – 2 weeks. With this, the cost to be incur in such as rental machinery (e.g. scissor lift, lorry crane etc.) payment of installer’s wage has to be taken into consideration.

Should there be any casting of concrete for the foundation, this approximate timing may be double and as such, the cost of such overheads could double should there be any complication during work. With the modular system in place, such overheads will be lessened and also taken out from the equation, and as such, cost would be brought down.

3) Cost Saving

The main take for using the Portable Noise Control barrier is that it eliminate the probability to invest on additional resources for example, machinery and manpower. Like its counterpart, the Portable Noise Control Barrier has the capability to be reused on other projects and as such, the cost  to purchase the product will be much lesser divided into the number of times it is able to be reused.

Like how it has been discussed, this modular system allows placement on site, a one action thing, as the product has already been customized to be as such. With that, once transportation is done to site, what is left to do is proper placement and stabilization. The time taken to go through such process will definitely be lesser compared to erecting the Temporary Noise Control Barrier – traditionally

The project team in Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials are always creating solutions for their clients pertaining to site constraints. The research process during the on-going stage has always been the catalyst to create the solutions. With the need of efficiency on site, the Portable Noise Control Barrier is very much needed and it always creates the chance for the project team to innovate with new ideas to handle site situation – with customized solution.

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