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Solving Issues 1 Client at a Time.

Ever face a situation where your project is in the middle of a noise sensitive area?

A few months back, Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials worked together with one of their client for a Temporary Noise Control Barrier project right in the middle of a noise sensitive area, surrounded by the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and residential.

The situation of the whole project turned a little complicated as the site received a complaint for works that have yet to get to the main activity. The decision to contact Hebei Jinbiao for consultations and pre-action activity had to be done prior to the current situation.

Noise Sensitive areas are areas that requires surrounding noise levels to always meet the noise level requirements. This strict criteria is only to facilitate the activity that is on-going within the dwellers community such as education, assist in better health and peace of mind to name a few. Such places would be like place of residential, schools and hospitals.

After some discussion and liaising, the job was done and noise test was carried out with the presence of NEA on site. As the award for the Quieter Construction Fund was granted, reimbursement for passing the noise test was made possible. This QCF campaign can only be participated through meeting the stringent guidelines set by the said government body. With a completed pre-project activity, we at Jinbiao am certain that our clients was pleased with the joint effort we had with them as they did come back to us with the below write up:

“Good valued and appreciate the first respond and follow up from Mr Firdauz. Compare to other companies that we have approached, Jinbiao were very responsive through Mr Firdauz and Mr Dave. Fantastic assistance and guidance from both of them!

We had initially face with a situation where we received complaint from nearing dwellers about our site. However, the confusion got bigger when we realized that erection of noise barriers does not solve the whole issue. Furthermore, we had issues with site constraints as well. We met with the consultants from Jinbiao to see what could be solved and after discussion, our situation improved and our job was not delayed. We knew for a fact that if nothing was done, stop-work would be issued and our packed schedule would be disturbed. Being in this industry, short-coming would happen that might disrupt work schedule and having a few unwanted attention from both public and government alike is very much un-needed.

Mr Dave also shared with us about the Quieter Construction Funds and how it will help us in the project. Overall, I feel that Hebei Jinbiao is different from other Noise Mitigation suppliers because of the value they provide us. A good performing product that they have supplied us is one thing, an additional value to top everything together is another and that signifies what Hebei Jinbiao is about. Thanks to them, our company did manage to deliver our work on time and did an good overall work for our client”


We at Hebei Jinbiao does not allow our service to stop at supplying / installing the best product in the market but we also give extra value to each of our clients – both potential and current. We very much do know that in the process of doing the job, our action might not be near to perfect. This is mainly because in this industry, things can change. That is where we stood out, handling issues fast and efficient as we are backed with some of the best minds in the industry.

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