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LATEST: Quieter Construction Fund No More

If your company has participated in the scheme or have thought about it in the midst of planning for tender, now is the time for you to leave it in your history books. The more than successful scheme by National Environment Agency of Singapore will be abolished as rumors was released late last year.

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The scheme which garnered the increase in participation of companies to be more environmentally responsible will now be called by a different name: Quieter Construction Innovation Fund.

WHAT IS Quieter Construction Fund (Q.C.F)?

“Quieter Construction Fund is a reimbursement scheme where companies get to be reimbursement for their effort to go with noise-reduced machinery or erecting noise mitigation system on site.”

This April 2019, the National Environment Agency of Singapore (N.E.A) will be launching its newly branded scheme to further aid companies to be more environmentally responsible.

The Quieter Construction Innovation Fund or Q.C.I.F. is an incentive scheme to promote wider adoption of quieter construction equipment and innovative methods, in order to mitigate construction noise impact to the public so as to achieve a livable environment for all.

As some of you might not know, frequent exposure to noise pollution has its dangerous effect. Previously, we did a short write up and it can be found here.

The rebranding of its name could be brought about the urge from authorities to encourage the use of innovation in the construction industry. With technology and more efficient way to do things, it only brings more benefit to everyone rather than monetary lost.


What qualifies you?

1) You must be a Singapore-registered company which is

a) Operating at an existing or proposed construction or demolition site; or

b) Supplying construction equipment for an existing or proposed construction or demolition site

2) Construction or demolition site located less than 15 meter from noise sensitive premises

3) Quieter construction equipment specified in the contract WILL NOT be eligible (due to pre-budget planning of overall cost, cost of noise mitigation system would have already be included)

What are the different categories under the scheme?

1) Leasing of equipment and/or Specialist Sub-Contractor services

2) Purchase of Noise Control Equipment

3) Purchase of Quieter Construction Equipment

4) Innovative Quieter Construction Method

What you should take note?

1) Equipment must not be procured before submission of application

2) Disbursement is subject to noise performance evaluation after site implementation

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With Jinbiao, things get even better under this scheme. Firstly, NEA has included a clear black and white that even our Noise Reduction Net is applicable for this for the scheme. With a minimum requirement of 5dBA reduction, our 1200GSM N.R.N will be applicable for the Q.C.I.F without much consideration.

Secondly, Jinbiao has went through numerous noise test witnessed by NEA officers and up till now, we are still in the 100% passing rate hitting a bare minimum of 10dBA reduction on site.

Thirdly, with a minimum performance requirement of at least a STC 20 rating, our product would easily meet it with an additional integer: 7 (T.N.C.B is at STC 27).

This are some pointers as to why Hebei Jinbiao would be a safer choice of noise mitigation solution provider. Should you require our project reference (public and private project) or test reports (our’s that is) do contact us at 6250 3385.

Application form, Guidelines, FAQ can be found at the NEA website here.

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