3 Top Ways to Deal Highway Noise – One is to install Noise Barriers

noise barrier

Before discussing about how installing a noise barrier can help, let’s get to know about the impact of noise. The stress and anxiety that come with high noise levels are not only affecting our mental health, but also the quality of life.  The sound pressure level is measured in decibels (dB) and can range from 30 dB to 120 dB – depending on the environment. It’s important for us to know how we react to different noise levels so that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to minimize any negative side effects of living near highways. Here are some tips:

1. Go for soundproof windows.

Soundproof windows are one of the cheapest ways to cut down on city noise. They’re basically just a double-paned window that is difficult for most sound waves to get through, and they can reduce street noise by as much as 45%.

Soundproof windows can dramatically reduce the condensation on your window and in some cases, will eliminate it entirely. Dual pane windows have a sealed space between two sheets of glass which is similar to an insulated cup that prevents any transfer of heat or cold through the walls because they are not touching each other. The same effect also happens with sonic waves, so highway noise is significantly minimised as it enters your indoor premises.

2. Seal cracks and gaps in your walls.

Sound waves are the way that noise is transmitted, so if you can block off all of your air vents then it will be much quieter. For example, curtains and carpets absorb soundwaves while drywall doesn’t let them through like a sponge does with water droplets; this means they’re more effective at blocking out most noises than hard surfaces such as windows and ceilings.

The majority of street noise that enters your property interiors comes from airborne particles which have to travel through the air in order to reach us inside our homes or office spaces. These gaps should then be sealed to prevent them from coming in and disrupt the ambience especially in areas where we have to rest or focus on work.

3. Install a noise barrier.

You might not be aware of the effects that roadside noise can have on your health until it’s too late. Highway traffic, in particular, is an issue for anyone living or working near a freeway because you will likely experience this sound every day – even without realizing it.

A noise barrier can be a great way to protect your peace and quiet from the noise of traffic. This is especially true if you live or work near a highway, which causes an onslaught of loud sounds on any given day! A lot goes into ensuring that roadside noise levels are decreased in these areas so residents and workers have ample space for relaxation without being disturbed by all the commotion nearby.

As they get too loud, sound waves can be very disruptive to your property and your neighbours. If you want peace of mind for yourself, consult with a sound barrier contractor who will assess which type is best for you!

Maintaining tranquillity around your home or office premises should always come first in order to keep everyone happy and healthy. Contacting a professional from this field when shopping for noise barrier solutions may help save time as well as effort on both ends.

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