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Facts You Need to Know About The Tuas View Basin

A project initiated by the National Environment Agency (NEA)

  • Includes the construction of 2 permanent Viaducts, starting from Tuas South Avenue 9 and ending at Tuas View Basin

  • Provides access to key Singapore infrastructures (i.e. NEA Integrated Waste Management Facility)

  • Expected to be completed by 2018

Late last year, Hebei Jinbiao managed to clinch a project for the Permanent Noise Control Barriers (P.N.C.B.) at Tuas View Basin. As noise will be emitted from vehicles utilizing the access, the Permanent Noise Control Barriers will help to reduce noise at that particular stretch of road.

The Tuas View Basin is one of the many projects in Tuas which includes the first fully automated port, the Tuas mega port. The Tuas mega port will have almost 1,000 fully automated yard cranes to increase efficiency of works carried out on site. Both the T.V.B and T.M.P will definitely contribute to Singapore’s economy both direct and indirectly.

Such projects are required as more and more countries look to improve and invest in their own ports which can potentially affect Singapore’s port business. As Singapore’s PSA port holds a second placing for the port economy, holding on to its place will require more than just minor changes. For example,the Malaysia’s East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project – set to be completed within the next decade.

Noise mitigation systems have been a supplementary product through the years. Such product have been used to create solutions for the probable noise pollution following up on the activity. In Singapore, Permanent Noise Control Barriers are also used at railway tracks and flyovers to minimize noise.



The Noise Mitigation system are made up of Powder-coating with 1mm of metal skin shell. Consisting of an acoustical mineral wool used for its infill. The Permanent Noise Control Barrier can reach up to STC 29 with NRC of 0.95.


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