Different Types of Sound Barriers in the Market

Sound barrier

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a sound barrier is a tall wall on which no one can see over or around. Although this type of sound barrier does exist, it’s not the only option available for those who wish to block out unwanted noise pollution.

There are two types of barriers: physical and acoustic. A physical barrier blocks out noise by blocking the source from reaching an area, but acoustic barriers work by absorbing or deflecting sounds waves using some kind of material such as rubberized asphalt, concrete slabs, metal plates with holes in them, and so on. There are also “passive” options that do not require any installation at all.

Sound barriers in Singapore can be further categorised into different types. These include:

1. Temporary sound barriers.

Temporary sound barriers are panels which have the capability to block and absorb noise. These sound barriers / acoustical wall reduce ambient sounds, like those from trash cans clanging together for instance; they’re also able capture airborne objects such as barking dogs with their special properties including sound blocking and sound absorption.

With these two great features, not only help you stay productive but can help others around enjoy a comfortable acoustic environment too.

Temporary sound barriers can be installed near the construction sites’ boundary or project site to prevent noise from escaping into residential areas.

Temporary sound barriers are recommended for all sectors where there will be activity that may result in excessive levels of sound pollution, such as construction sites; events with large crowds like concerts at stadiums and raves on beaches; utility work happening throughout town (pipeline installation, digging up streets) etc.; and demolition projects lasting no longer than five years.

2. Permanent noise barriers.

There are a variety of ways to control sound. One way is with permanently installed noise barriers, which absorb unwanted sounds waves by redirecting them into other materials for reduction in echo and reverberation levels throughout an entire space.

Permanent sound barriers in Singapore are engineered to significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution in manufacturing and industrial buildings. They help manufacturers comply with government standards, avoid potential hassle from nearby residents including fines or lawsuits due to their close proximity.

3. Inflatable noise barriers.

Soundproofing is an important part of creating safe spaces, especially for children. For that reason, it’s no surprise that there are sound control barriers available to help make your space more peaceful. Inflatable noise barriers are then designed to block the direction noise waves travel or absorb them so much they’re almost impossible to hear inside.

Inflatable noise barriers are lightweight, easy for relocation and can be installed in the shortest amount of time. These products have been specifically engineered based on what clients need when installing a type of barrier which is perfect if you live out in rural areas where there’s little traffic or construction going nearby.

4. Sound barrier sheets.

Sound barrier sheets meanwhile reduce external noise pollution. They are an innovative approach to sound control since they can be easily installed and mounted around fences, scaffolds, and outside units of any kind – basically, anywhere there’s unwanted sound. Now almost every residential area is exposed to unwanted sources of noise, therefore, sound barrier has become more common as a solution for noise issues.

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