3 Common Uses of Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is a common solution for many needs. It can be used to provide temporary safety from construction hazards, as well as protection from animals and hazardous weather conditions. Temporary fencing also provides an easy way to establish “no trespassing” zones in areas where fences are not feasible or desired. The right type of temporary fence will depend on the specific application and your individual requirements.

temporary fencing

Where temporary fences are often found

Temporary fencing is often used in construction zones or other areas where there might be disruptions or hazards to keep people out until it’s safe again. Temporary fences are also popular with event organizers who need to control large crowds at concerts, fairs and festivals.

Some of these fences are painted with a bright orange colour, which reassures people in mixed-use spaces that they will have an enjoyable time while still being able to walk around freely without worrying about getting injured from something unexpected on the ground like nails or broken glass (which could happen if they were walking on grass).

Among the uses of temporary fencing are:

  1. Crowd security in open area events.

Concerts use temporary fences to keep people out without paying. Along with ensuring safety for performers, these fences also help control crowds that may cause problems during performances by limiting access only to those who have bought tickets or are allowed into the venue as VIP guests.

A temporary fence is an essential part of any concert or outdoor party. It ensures the safety and security for performers on-stage by forming a barrier between them, as well as those in attendance who may want to get up close or just watch from afar but be refused passage because they’re not deemed worthy enough.

  1. Infant protection.

Baby gates are a necessity for parents of babies and toddlers. Not only do they keep little ones from getting into things, but baby fences also allow you to control where their play area is in your home.

With their curious minds and almost limitless energy, babies can be a handful. Safely preventing them from running into danger is key to keeping your house safe! A baby gate will keep these little ones contained so you never have an accident on stairs again or miss out on the fun because they got stuck in between furniture legs while climbing up high enough.

  1. Construction hoarding.

Construction sites are one of the most common places to use temporary fencing. They’re perfect because it only needs to be up until construction is done, and passersby aren’t in danger when they see this kind of barrier at a site near them! The best part about using hoarding materials like scaffolding or support beams for fences instead? You don’t need an expensive permit either – which means less hassle on top your already busy work day too.

Construction fences are almost always orange, because the colour signifies warning. They also commonly use black tarps or mesh to cover their site in case of rain and make sure no one walks on it during those conditions; however, some sites prefer bright colours for safety reasons as well.

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