5 Essential Functions of Temporary Fencing

Many people think that temporary fencing is just to cover up a certain property for a limited time. Indeed, that’s the primary reason temporary fencing is assembled, but it does more than just that. Temporary fencing offers a lot of fringe benefits that you may not immediately realise, only until you get to use one for your property.

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Temporary fencing is easy to set up and disassemble. They are locked by couplers, so they can be cut and customised according to your property’s needs. This type of fencing may not be secured firmly to the ground, but it is held intact by sturdy braces that let it stand high and stable.

There are instances when temporary fencing is preferred over permanent fencing, due to their portability, flexibility, and limited-time function. These occasions include:

1. Crowd control.

Are you an events organiser, or someone whose business is to rent out a wide-open area ground for parties, concerts, and other types of mass gatherings? If so, then you may have to install temporary fences every once in a while.

These fences prove to be useful during events where crowds have to be controlled, perhaps because of the celebrity guests coming or when the venue is already becoming heavily populated. Crowd control is always a must in these gatherings, to avoid accidents or commotions that may lead to human injury and damage to property. Instead of spending money to hire part-time employees to direct crowds, investing in temporary fencing saves much more money.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for every business to adopt methods of creating social distance. With temporary fencing, shops / stores can keep customers lined up within a safe distance and limit the maximum number of visitors.

2. Safeguard the lives of VIP guests.

In relation to crowd control, the lives of VIP guests are also held secured by means of temporary fencing. These fences allow them to enter and leave the venue without being swarmed by a mob of fans. Their security is usually guarded, especially when they are at high risk of getting hurt (e.g. stalking, detractor attacks, and to a certain extent, possible assassination).

3. Construction activities.

Temporary fencing is most commonly used in construction sites. Among other things, they provide immediate security measures for people and motorists passing by the site. The fences shield pedestrians and motorists from being hit by debris coming from the construction area, as well as possible accidents that may happen within and in their surrounding premises.

Temporary fencing likewise protects construction supplies and equipment from possible theft, damage, and unauthorised use.

4. Space utilisation.

If you have a wide space and would like to use it for multiple activities taking place simultaneously, then temporary fencing helps create partitions to provide dedicated spaces for these events. For instance, outdoor bazaars consist of retail shops and alfresco pop-up restaurants, as well as playgrounds, which are all held in the same space. Setting up temporary fences creates dedicated areas for food and dining, retail and shopping, and recreational events.

5. Crime prevention.

Vandalism, theft, and vagrancy are common in public spaces such as parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and even abandoned buildings. Temporary fences can then be used to protect these areas against crimes.

Temporary fences set up in storage facilities likewise function as barriers against intruders from having immediate access to these areas. The barriers also serve as a deterrent as intruders become aware that these areas are not for them to go to.

The temporary fencing allows property owners to have a good view, as it is easily visible through the fence. With this feature, owners can always spot suspicious people wandering around the area.

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