4 Practical Uses of Temporary Fencing

temporary fencing
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Temporary fencing can be a great solution when it comes to urgent security issues taking place within a property. They can help reduce the presence of threat in a given space, and even protect lives and material belongings when assembled properly. Not all fences are built for the long term. In fact, many people use fences only for a limited time, ranging between a few hours to several weeks. Depending on their intended use and function, temporary fencing provides immediate security and deterrent measures to a particular area. Among the practical uses of temporary fencing include:

1. Crowd control.

Temporary fences are commonly installed in concert venues and outdoor arenas to control crowds coming to an event. This is needed especially when the guests coming to the venue are high-profile personalities; their lives have to be protected from crowds as they may be subject to threat and unprecedented violence.

Fences in outdoor arenas control crowds not only by preventing them from reaching VIPs, but also by segregating their area assignments. This is especially true in concert venues where seats have different access levels. Fences are used to prevent those in the general admission from penetrating into the lower boxes and courtside seats as these are not covered by their ticket privilege.

By managing areas for guests to occupy, it becomes easier for event security to monitor the status of the venue and ensure that no forms of threat take place while the activity or celebration is taking place.

2. Protect evidence of an accident or crime scene.

Another effective use of a temporary fence is to protect the area where an accident or crime just happened. Fences prove to be very important in these situations because evidence can be easily tampered with the slightest touch.

Fences serve as a deterrent against bystanders and other people who are not directly involved in the investigation taking place. They also help police officers in analysing the events that led to the scene faster, and rule out whether the incident is purely accidental or due to foul play.

3. Secure crowds during commotions.

There are instances when people gather all of a sudden to host an unprecedented event. These include rallies and mass uprisings where people speak about their sentiments to the public. While these activities usually require permits prior to being held and are done in designated areas, they can pose risks to motorists and pedestrians.

Police officers usually place barricades to serve as boundaries between the people doing mass activities, security groups, and innocent bystanders. This is to protect both crowds from risk of injury and other concerns that may arise during the gathering.

4. Inform pedestrians and motorists of open manholes and road construction projects.

Barricades are likewise placed in certain areas of a road or street where a construction or excavation project is going on. Emergency situations such as fixing electric cables and water pipes that operate underground may require the opening of manholes. Barriers are then installed to prevent motorists or pedestrians from falling into these open holes.

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